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Jul 29, 2009
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The Marijuana / Cannabis industry is set to be the fastest growing industry in the world.
In fact this article on the Huffington Post says the industry will have faster growth than SMARTPHONES!
I've held on to this domain for quiet some time, and it's time to give someone the opportunity to turn it in to something special.
Highlites for this domain:

  • Multiple states have recently legalized cannabis with more set to follow
  • .ORG extension actually incredibly desirable because of the unique niche opportunity
  • I have gotten multiple high value offers in the x,xxx to xx,xxx range over the last several years but have continued to hold on. The market has only heated up since then.
  • A variety of uses (from online training to organizations to blogging) are relevant to this domain with many potential end users in the long run
Let's get this transaction done quick and easy!
Bids MUST be approved and I'm keeping the reserve LOW!
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