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intro Hello all

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Jun 11, 2023
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Hi all, I'm Benz, Australian, have been into domains since 2005 and sold my fair share over the years well into the six figures, some I should have kept but only a few real regrets. Used to have around 1300 names now down to about 250. Mostly .com but a decent portfolio of .au including some LL's and other generics that are worth holding.

I'm also a long term SEO, like since the 90s and used to be a super affiliate in adult and iGaming.

Sort of at a crossroads at the moment work wise and unsure what's next, a few directions I can go as usual. AI has piqued my interest and starting to become seriously viable for developing out sites. I'm about to develop out a network of affilaite sites that I've been collecting from the drop auctions, mostly in iGaming but a few other randoms I've collected. My niche would be EMD keywords with traffic and links, old habits but I still think they are underappreciated.

Never really been into domain forums but used to be very active in webmasterworld and all the seo forums back in the day. Got to the point where I'd meet people and they'd know all about my life and it was getting a little uncomfortable so I went private mostly now.

Anyway that's me.



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Mar 29, 2014
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Welcome!! :)

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