Huge Portfolio Sale!!

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Aug 24, 2004
South Carolina
I've got domains out the wazoo right now and I need to restructure my portfolio. I have around 25-30 domains I'd like to let go of. My loss is your gain at this point. (08.05.2005) $25.00
Movie fansite? Great 3 character .net domain! (08.04.2005) SOLD
.com owned and redirected to Adidas. Great domain for US or International football. (08.29.2005) $8.00
John Kerry '08? Get the jump on this one! (11.21.2005) $25.00
Brandable, Memorable 3 char .com (07.14.2005) $38.00
Great forum domain. Politics? Off-Topic? Brandable, memorable name. (09.02.2005) $15.00
Host wireless websites or have a directory for good wireless hosts. (01.16.2006) $20.00
Great keyword domain, capitalize on a booming industry. (06.02.2005) $10.00
Great name for a site directory. Will install a turnkey script for an extra $10.00! (04.16.2005/09.28.2005) $25.00
Great name for a traffic helper and/or SEO forum. (09.30.2005) SOLD
Web Hosting Club? Great idea for a hosting forum or resources website. (06.30.2005) $24.00
Perfect for an information/news website, capitalize in on a booming industry. (07.05.2005) $25.00
The perfect domain for a patriotic forum! (11.07.2005) $20.00
Make your mark! Great name for a forum host or even for your own forum software. (06.09.2005) $14.00
Domain portfolio website? Domain blog? Domain resource website? Memorable name, endless possibilities. (07.20.2005) $13.00
Catch the low carb craze. Great domains for a recipe site and dining guide. (02.16.2005) $6.00
A great top 10 keyword domain. (10.25.2005) $8.00
See the world! Would make a great travel information domain. (05.27.2005) $22.00
Own your own 3 char .com. Perfect for an ISP name. (04.08.2005) $15.00
Perfect for a fansite design portfolio or a fansite network. (10.10.2005) $25.00
Area from Boston to Washington D.C. Great tourism/informational website. (10.10.2005) $21.00
The perfect name for a domain registration company or for brokering domain sales. (11.05.2005) $25.00
Start your own jokes forum with this great name! (10.12.2005) $17.00
Great keyword name for an online loan directory/affiliate website. (05.30.2005) $12.00
Keep yourself updated and informed with this name. (10.12.2005) $19.00
Alternate spelling of catalog - great for a rx drug affiliate website. (12.14.2005) SOLD
Overture 25 with extension and 1992 without extension. Could be a good space info site as well. (08.08.2005) $25.00
Cash in on the templates craze with this easy to remember name. (11.21.2005) $55.00
Perfect domain for an HTML help website - closest to you're going to find.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Post sold to claim. This is a multiforum listing so first timestamp wins. Payment is to be made via Paypal.

God Bless!
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