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Jun 21, 2004
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Single dictionary word domains

Offers sought for the following


Undoable.com (That which cannot be done or undone)
Sackful.com (Perfect for a site to tell customers how to make a sackful of cash)
Idolising.com (Perfect for a dating/romance site)
Wealthily.com (Perfect for a make money website)
Committer.com (A computer programming term)
Undergrow.com (To grow to a less than usual size. Also a horticultural technique)
Crystalised.com (To formulate an opinion/strategy, also to preserve fruit)
Geezerhood.com (The middle aged male demographic)
Pigheadedness.com (Would make a good dn for a relationship site)
Favorless.com (One who has "lost favor")
Shrouding.com (To hide,disguise etc ideal for a proxy surfing site/product)
Sipage.com (The act or process of seeping;leakage)
Climatically.com (Prime Ecology and Weather domain)
Rheumy.com (Rheumatoid Arthritis or term for damp air)
Unsheathe.com (Draw or pull out a knife, sword, or similar weapon from its sheath)
Overbold.com (To be super brave)
Verbalised.com (Perfect for a forum/language training site)
Unrequired.com (Great domain to buy/sell unwanted possessions)
Enshield.com (To protect ~ perfect for an anti spyware/virus info site!)
Nuttily.com (Great for a humour site,easily recalled too!)
Unright.com (Ideal for a protest site!)
Cadged.com (UK term for something that is "loaned")
Poncey.com (UK term for someone who is "gay" or "acts gay")
Meatily.com (Build out a food site)
Blameable.com (Perfect for any type of online complaints site)
Soupiness.com (You hungry to buy this one yet?)
Flowaway.com (Science term ~ Fluid mechanics/dynamics and a drainage system)
Nidicolous.com (Key demographic ~ birds that leave the nest late,like many adults!)
Amorousness.com (Great name for a dating/romance site)
Synthesising.com (To artifically make something in a laboratory etc)
Paraquet.com (Any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots)
Primness.com (The state of being "prim")
Overfond.com (For any site dating/dieting etc )
Intropin.com (Neurotransmitter found in the brain,cruial for the central nervous system)
Communise.com (Great name for a social network start up)
Restorals.com (Great name for PC repair or any kind of repair site)
Ramraiding.com (UK term for bank robbers driving cars into banks entrances)
Attirement.com (Means "clothes/clothing")
Organisable.com (Great name for a Business site)
Truanting.com (Term for pupils "skipping school")
Vulcanised.com (Treating rubber to improve its hardness,strength,odour and elasticity)
Chuntering.com (UK term for "talking continually")
Rescanning.com (Strong for anti virus/malware as well as various medical apps)
Bloodwarm.com (The temperature of blood in warm blooded mammals)
Abettal.com (To approve,encourage and support)
Effeminize.com (To make/or become feminine)
Schmalzy.com (Of, relating to, or marked by excessive or maudlin sentimentality)
Whelky.com (Like a whelk)


Webtops.co.uk (Google it!)


Onrush.net (A forceful forward rush or flow of customers/words/water etc)
Caldron.net (A very large pot that is used for boiling and witches love them)
Numerically.net (To do with numbers!)
Piggish.net (Like a Pig)
Saddlesore.net (Sore butt form riding horses)
Lustily.net ("Exactly as it says on the tin")
Baldly.net (Hair replacement is a multi million $ biz)
Pugnacious.net (The propensity to box/fight)
Handbill.net (An advertisement -usually printed on a page or in a leaflet)
Relapsing.net (A recovering addict who returns to old ways)
Deplete.net (To overuse and understock,perfect ecology domain)
Sickly.net (Perfect for an Online Health Portal for adults/kids)
Ugliness.net (Loads of potential for a gossip site etc)
Netherlander.net (A native of the Netherlands/Holland)
Withhold.net (To hold back;money or a comment)
Basketful.net (To fill a shopping basket)
Effeminate.net (Feminine)
Untenable.net (That where defense is impossible: an untenable argument)
Homophobe.net (Those who are opposed to homosexuality)
Snobbery.net (To consider yourself superior to lesser mortals)
Dreaminess.net (for anything from a dating site to a travel site)
Stinkpot.net (UK term for someone who smells)
Horniness.net (Enough said)
Urbanized.net (A city dweller)
Ignoble.net (Brandable and a word meaning not noble!)
Edifying.net (To be educated/enlightened)
Cadger.net (One who cadges)
Sprog.net (UK term for a "child")
Peckish.net (UK term for "being hungry")
Lifebelt.net (Strong product domain but can be used in many verticals also)
Lendable.net (Ideal for any money/product site)
Invalidity.net (A key demographic, perfect for an info site/related product site)
Slaphead.net (UK term for someone who is "bald")
Matabele.net (The Matabele are a branch of the Zulus)
Corking.net (UK term for something that is brilliant)
Foetal.net (Mainly British variant of fetal,fetus)
Reveler.net (One who likes to party!!!!)
Clawback.net (To "recover", also a finance term)
Obliging.net (To be "polite", great name for a customer services site)
Adjudge.net (To make judgement / great for a legal site)
Lodged.net (Term meaning both to lodge money and to live somewhere)
Dandle.net (To pet/nurse a child or baby)
Hogy.net (Hungarian for "how", brandable too!)
Foozle.net (The act of bungling, especially a poor stroke in golf)
Hungrily.net (Great for a food site)
Rwandan.net (A native of/or pertaining to Rwanda)
Occupier.net (One who owns a property)
Ribald.net (Coarse, obscene, or licentious, usually in a humorous or mocking way)
Reunify.net (To reunite)
Cockle.net (Any of various mollusks having rounded or heart-shaped shells)
Unburden.net (Perfect for an online self-help/therapy forum etc.)
Monopolise.net (Have and control fully and exclusively)
Rescript.net (Something that has been rewritten/The act of rewriting)
Contralto.net (Lowest female voice or voice part,between soprano and tenor)
Espouse.net (To take in marriage/To give one's loyalty or support to a cause etc)


Reprocess.org (To process again ie spent nuclear fuel)
Suitor.org (A man who pursues a woman for marriage/or a prospective buyer of a business)
Racialism.org (A variation on the term "rascist")
Touristy.org (A superb travel related org)
Soulless.org (A really strong org with so many possibilities)
Fledgeling.org (Young bird that has just acquired its flight feathers/a term for a start up)
Downscale.org (Reduce in size,scale,or extent.At the lower end of esp. a social scale)
Puritanical.org (Practicing or affecting strict religious or moral behavior)
Verbally.org (That which is spoken)
Autocrat.org (An absolute ruler,often a monarch but also a tyrant who has total power)
Floored.org (Perfect for a flooring company or even for a boxing site)
Moonfish.org (Several groups of fishes)
Splashdown.org (The landing of a spacecraft or missile in water)
Domesticate.org (Ideal for a pet forum/animal training site!)
Undercoat.org (A coat and the coat beneath the finish in decorating!)
Bedsit.org / Bedsits.org (UK term for a small apartment)
Surtax.org (Given world debt levels surtaxes are only set to rise)
Podgy.org (To be "fat","porky","overweight")
Gabfest.org (An informal gathering/session for the exchange of news,opinions and gossip)
Rootout.org (To eradicate)
Unafraid.org (Great domain for a self help forum)
Gamey.org (Ideal for any game or even food related site)
Coalman.org (The guy that delivers the coal)
Reissue.org (A re-release or re-edition ~ novels/albums etc)
Worshipful.org (Religious domains have done very well in many instance)
Sickly.org (Perfect for an online health portal)
Cesspit.org (Used to dispose of sewage or refuse,perfect for a "sucks" site )
Revitalised.org (Perfect for a health and fitness site)
Businesslike.org (Great use of the org/so many possible Business applications)
Musically.org (Great music keyword)
Invalidity.org (A key demographic,perfect for an info site/related product site)
Contrite.org (Feeling regret and sorrow for one's sins or offenses)


Yanks.tv (Americans simply love their tv!)
Pupil.tv (Learn online or get eyeballs to your site)
Fornicate.tv (Enough said)


Cigs.biz (abbreviation for cigarettes!)


Two/Three word brandables/Keywords


SelfDisgust.com (Perfect for any/all self help forums)
SuperMales.com (One for all the ladeeez out there)
DecentMeals.com (All around the world folks are looking for healthier food options)
ToolGurus.com (Whether it is web dev tools or any other type of tool this dn is hot)
GetToGrips.com (Great name for any site pertaining to Business/Personal problems etc)
SkewWhiff.com (Sloping instead of straight. ie You've got your hat on skew-whiff.)
PaRack.com (Great product com, pa racks are casings to contain pa systems)
WarWidow.com (Given the plethora of wars in the World this domain is certainly topical)
ChipAt.com (To "Chip At"!!)
LayeredWeb.com (Web design/architecture/hosting term and brandable too)
FastMotorCars.com (The sexiest cars there are)
GenericSoaps.com (Given the rise in superbugs this domain can only rise in value)
OkayDeal.com (Sounds like a challenge or/ a good deal)
MassTweet.com (Cool domain for a Twitter promo site)
BoozeLess.com (Drink less alcohol or to be without booze)
BusinessBadDebt.com (Lead generation for Business bad debt is massive)
GiroCheque.com (Check/cheque given by the UK government to the unemployed)
OuterGarment.com (Grment worn over other garments)
DishTheDirt.com (Ideal as a gripe site/gossip site for celebrities)
EarningFunds.com (Earn funds with this domain,ideal for a make money online site)
SuperDames.com (Great name for a ladies Business forum)
Juicyville.com (Brandable as they come)
MarkerGames.com (Google it,marker games are very popular)
CrimeKings.com (Ideal for a gaming site)
LadyCooks.com (There are millions and millions out there)
BuyDrivers.com (Golf drivers/PC drivers)
RecentApps.com (Perfect for the latest apps)
SuperSmells.comm (Ideal for a perfume selling site)
GameOgres.com (Brandable gaming domain)
CreateFunds.com (We all want to do this)
NeatSkills.com (Job skills/gaming skills/sports skills)
Drawmasters.com (Art experts or folks who run the lottery results)
SuperbFloors.com (Instant band for a flooring company)
MarketExecutives.com (This one speaks for itself)
GoldClients.com (For those who buy/sell gold)
GoldShipments.com (Multi million industry, gold has to be shipped when bought/sold)
BabesGames.com (Brandable and a game type)
OralDentistry.com (Strong dental com)
BiosTools.com (Maintain your PC)
SteadyPlay.com (Sport/Poker)
AntiApartheid.com (Perfect for an info portal on human rights abuses)
BuyVeg.com (Have you had your 5 a day?)
HashTube.com (Cool tube com)
CaLawsuits.com (Class action, Californian, Canadian)
WolfDown.com (Great for all you foodies!)
WheelBrakes.com (Strong product domain)
SuperSlob.com (Unforgettable)
GolfPush.com (Strong product domain)
Hypeville.com (Brandable as hell)
SportSupports.com (Strong product domain)
GenericLoan.com (A loan type)
eConverts.com (For all those who want to learn about going online)
DogFunds.com (An Investment term)
TrueMalts.com (True whiskies)
CreditCuts.com (They are everywhere)
TheaterBooking.com (Great name for a ticket sales site)
PleasureLands.com (Brandable as hell)
BoostWire.com (Boost pay/boost your signal)
FilmBriefs.com (Film shorts)
CrunchyPizza.com (A tasty domain for sure)
GroupBulk.com (Great name for a bulk buying site)
SuperSalaries.com (Something we all want)
MegaPals.com (Great dating site domain)
StageFriends.com (Great name for any acting / theater site)
AutoDrops.com (Car / domain drops)
BigVirus.com (Health / Computer security)
VoyagerGames.com (Google it, these games are very popular)
PCLeisure.com (An instant brand for any type of recreation site)
DecentDeal.com (Everyone wants one!)
DogHungry.com (Another domain for all you foodies)
MoneyRacket.com (Ideal for any kind of money site)
BusinessAces.com (Strong Business consulting domain)
MegaDelicious.com (For all you foodies out there or for fans of the ladies)
DebtDepartment.com (Every Business has one!)
ArrangeDirect.com (Perfect for any finance / insurance site etc)
SharesChat.com (Shares talk!)
RivalTurf.com (Great name for a gaming site)
GiroAccount.com (A UK term for a Post Office banking account)


(Self explanatory)
SkinnyDipper.net (A fan of nude bathing)
GrossProfit.net (A Businesses profit before expenses)
SchoolMistress.net (A great net that can be used for a few VERTICALS ;) )
DiscDrive.net (Superb PC product domain)
FavaBean.net (fava beans are also known as broad beans,pigeon beans,horse beans etc)
SelfDestructive.net (Addictive behaviour that harms you only)
Sep11.net (Lest we all forget!)
TrySexual.net (Latest buzzword, Google it!)
ClogDancing.net (A traditional dance from the UK that is making a comeback)
LegalDuty.net (The duty every citizen has to uphold the law)
TheaterCompany.net (There are 10000s in the world!)
TightFisted.net (Tight with money)
MonkeyNut.net (Not going for peanuts,brandable in the extreme!)
TurfWar.net (Great for just about anything from Gaming to Business)
FleaBitten.net (Brandable, cute too!)
PrivyCouncil.net (UK legal term)
MethodActing.net (The acting method pioneered by Lee Strasberg)
OddJobMan.net (Great name for a handy man)
OffLicence.net (UK term for a shop that sells alcohol)


FortyWinks.org (Brandable and everyone needs their power naps)
GeneralMortgage.org (Actual mortgage term)
CoalIndustry.org (To this day still a massive global Industry)
SpacedOut.org (Cute! enough said)
QueensEnglish.org (The correct/original English)
MohammedAli.org (He was/is the greatest)
HardNews.org (News portals are always in demand online)
AppealsCourt.org (Great legal org)
AutoVehicle.org (Amazing product domain)
LegalBrief.org (If you have a court case you need one !)


BulkBuy.tv (Great name for a bulk buying site)
InternetDeals.tv (Great generic for any kind of net deals)
MovieCinemas.tv / MovieCinema.tv (Perfect use of the tv extension!)


ProstateCancer.me (One of the biggest male cancers)
Romana.me ("Roman" in Italian)


ChipSense.com (Great poker com)
ScoresBet.com (Perfect for Sportsbetting)
PokerMaestros.com (Poker Masters)
SavvyBets.com (Intelligent bets)
SaveCasino.com (Save money casino)
PokerSitAndGo.com (Defines a popular type of Poker)
BlindOff.com (A "Blind" bet is one that is made in the dark without looking at your cards)
SnappedOff.com (To get a good hand beat)
StartingHand.com (Your first cards dealt to you in a Poker game)
HoldCasino.com (Stick @ blackjack)
WantPoker.com (All Poker fanatics "want poker")
LongPoker.com (Name for a prolonged Poker game)
SitAndGo.tv (Defines a popular type of Poker)
Gambled.tv (Standard renewal fee amazingly!)


ChiPat.com (Chi Pat,Cardamom Mountains,Cambodia!!)
Uskub.com (Capital/major city of Macedonia with 33% of the total pop.AKA Skopje)
Schio.org (A town in Italy)
Sipoo.net (A town in Finland)
Rheinbach.net (A town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Ulster.biz (Northern Ireland)
Eire.us (Alternative name for Ireland)
Farnworth.org (A town in the UK)

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AutoVehicle.org $400
Overfond.com $155




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Jun 21, 2004
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