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Jan 5, 2007
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Hey all,
I'm looking at getting more funds for other projects, hence I'm selling off one of my favourite sites:

Locomoting is an auto-updating news site - it updates itself every six hours (via a cron job) from various RSS feeds. It's a site to do mostly with car news, and as you can see from the quality of the news feeds, this site can easily attract a large audience. Locomoting opened early last month, and received 368 unique visitors and 3385 page views in that time (21 days). This month's traffic is higher - with 213 uniques and 1274 page views so far:

The site was advertised briefly (for 2 days) last month, which bought in about 11 visitors - the bulk of the site's visitors are from other blog sites listing its news/blog entries. Since being open, Locomoting has earned $1.xx Google Adsense revenue, with a CTR of over 1.5%! :)

This one-word dictionary .COM domain ( - locomoting, to move) is registered at GoDaddy (free push), and payment is via PayPal (with 4% fees added to ending sales price).

I'm accepting offers of $100 and over (however the reserve is higher than this). Please post all offers here. No BIN is set yet, it'll be set once a few bids are received.
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