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Long Son pagoda – Nha Trang – Viet Nam


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Jan 27, 2016
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Long Son pagoda – Nha Trang – Viet Nam

Long Son Pagoda, Tu Nha Trang over 100 years old
Longshan Temple itself more than 100 years old. As the temple is the largest of the twenty temples in Nha Trang. The pagoda is located right in the city of Nha Trang, the National Highway 1A, the foot island Trai Thuy.
Nha Trang is a haven of rest of the Asian Disaster guests to nha trang impossible not to Longshan Temple. And anyone who has ever been to Nha Trang and can not not know the name of that one. Long Son Pagoda Nha Trang is famous for Buddhist religion beliefs, can say Longshan Temple with Buddha Shrine is a symbol for the beauty of this picturesque coastal city.
Longshan Temple is located at No. 22 street October 23, Phuong Son Ward, located in the foothills Camp Mercury, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa. Panoramic city from above stretches 900m above the sea, Longshan Temple has a very beautiful location, convenient for visitors.
The temple was built on an elevated area, cool, verdant trees, is located next to roads and busy streets which seem to hold about dark, quiet. These blocks do academy, office, net loss with massive temples, forming a complete structure hidden under the trees shade the Bodhi tall, foliage and plants surround the frozen dawn cover umbrage.
Statue of Buddha Shrine Longshan Temple, Nha Trang
Initially, the temple was a thatched house is situated on a hilltop walled leaves Camp Mercury (right at the White Buddha now) called Dang Son himself. Canh Ty year 1900, the temple was completely destroyed after strong storms, so the team decided to move opening paint pagoda temple downhill Cards Camp today. When moving downhill, Venerable Meets Chi for building small temples two bottles then renamed from Dang Son Pagoda Long Son himself into self ....
1936 Cell obey the will of the Most Venerable Chi Ngo, Nguyen family has donated the entire property of the Long Son pagoda for Buddhist Studies Nam Hoi to headquarters Khanh Hoa Buddhist revival. Temple became the headquarters of Khanh Hoa Buddhist Church ever since. In the 14th Bao Dai (1938), the temple was the king "Lust Quartet Longshan self" .... This demonstrates that, at that time, Long Son Pagoda has become a prestigious, with wide sphere of influence in the spiritual life and Buddhist people of Khanh Hoa.
Overview Scene Longshan Temple, Nha Trang
From the main temple, want to statues of Buddha Shrine must go up 193 stairs. As to the 44th rank you visit Nirvana Buddha statue 17 meters long, 5 meters high, behind the statue are reliefs depicting the 49 disciples standing by Buddhist concept. The statue was built in 2003. Buddha Shrine (also called white Buddha) sits atop a hill. The structure of the statue of the Buddha sitting in lecture, 24 meters tall, 21 meters from the soles up, lotus as substrates 7 meters high, it is easy to see in a large area around Chua.Duong to the temple as " skyward, "green canopy, about dark shadow of the mountains. From Camp Cards hilltop watching "the painted glass," where the ancients understood as saying that this area is where the "big four qui tide, from Wednesday".
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