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Looking For A Broker Who Understands The Jewelry Business And More


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Dec 20, 2004
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I have over 20 jewelry .com end user names that I would like to sell. I've owned them for years but haven't worked them as ones I've sold in the past only buyers have wanted the names -- they didn't care about hits, placement on pages, etc. Problem is no one I've contacted knows anything about the business. Several of these names should be sold as a package to dominate specific areas of the jewelry business. In addition I have over 20 other names mainly for end users (not jewelry) which could be sold individually.

I'm trying to find a broker with jewelry expertise that may have contacts in this business as well as a good understanding of business. I don't want to hear about hits, etc. as anyone landing on a site is interested in buying not just a looker.

Is there such a brokerage business out there? I have looked to fill out forms at some brokerage houses but it appears they are geared for single domain transactions.

I am retired now but have an extensive business background in jewelry & with multi nationals & am looking for pros who have connections including overseas & can sell. If I have worked my numbers correctly the total sales should be minimum 6 figures.
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