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Looking For Recommendations For Reliable Quality And Reasonably Priced Designers

John D

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Jun 22, 2005
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I need some designers that can do work as and when needed for various things, mainly logos, full sites, website headers and graphics.

I worked with some great designers in the past but I have been out of business for a few years and most have moved into something different so I need to find out who is good out there now :)

The type of designs I like is from designers like Sheldon that was vbulletinskinz ( Did Http://www.DeuceAce.com for me ) and Petr from Malbardesign.com are a few that did great work.

The style has changed now to more responsive and simpler graphics but I really want someone that can create unique designs that stand out, someone that takes pride in their work and would be happy for each work they do for me to be at the top of their portfolio.

I would prefer a designer that codes ( Like Sheldon did for vbulletin skins ) or that has someone that does the coding for the sites they design, I got too many good designs that couldn't be coded as they were designed or ended up with very bad code, I want to make the process simple, once the design is complete it should be coded without me having to do extra work trying to get things fixed from a separate coder.

If anyone has any good experiences with designers / coders please let me know what work you got from them and what you found good / bad and a rough idea of pricing.

I'm looking for someone for long term work and someone that is available for work without a long waiting time :)

Thanks for any help!
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