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developed Matrix Site for Sale (profitable)

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Mar 21, 2004
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I'm selling off most of my small sites as I'm just too busy!

First one to go is Matrix-Deals.com at www.matrix-deals.com

Details: It's a matrix site and I have ZERO experience or knowledge of them. I bought this site off eBay in July 2003. Since then I have done ZERO with it, no advertising, no nothing. The idea was to buy/build many small sites and then promote them all as a network of sites. However, I never got round to actually promoting . . . just building! So, anyway, all the sales have been surprises!

I did redesign the site about 6 months ago. The site is plain HTML (no DB) and I just update it by hand when a new sale comes in.

Traffic : According to Webalizer, it gets about 10 uniques per day, as far as I can tell it's mainly from search engines. It seems as though it's coming from people searching for 'ebook matrix' or 'matrix ebook' on Yahoo! (2nd and 1st).

Revenue : As you can see from the site, I've taken $260 in the year I've had it and paid out $200 in rewards. I use my own server, so that's $60 profit for the year.

Terms: We need to figure out what to do about the current customers who have all paid $20 and are waiting to cycle, but I think the buyer needs to agree to pay them the reward once they cycle (I'll email them letting them know who has taken over) or I'll refund eveyone which means including $180 ontop of the sell price to clear out the queue (is that reasonable?).

Hosting and Domain: I've just renewed the domain at eNom and I host the site on my own server and can host it for the buyer at $6.99 per month. You can of course move it, transfer it or whatever :)

Offers: Not sure at all (only ever sold things on eBay where they start at $1 :cheesy: ). Anyway, let's start low $xxx ?

** PM offers please.

I'll end the sale in a about 3 days with the best offer (if any!).

I'm offline a fair bit, so please be allow me time to answer any questions etc..

Thanks for listening . . .
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