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Monetize Your Domains with 5 Star Affiliate Programs

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Feb 23, 2004
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.:: 5 Star Affiliate Programs ::. Some paying out over $10K a month

High paying, high integrity 5 Star Affiliate Programs - seeking affiliates and partners to promote strong revshare offers.

Most of you know me as Catalyst, but for those of you that may not - I am an affiliate management consultant representing a select group of some of the top converting and highest paying partner programs available. I carefully choose my clients and only represent top paying, parasite-free, high-integrity, affiliate-centered programs.

I own, mod and/or participate in numerous affiliate forums and am very well connected in the industry. Considered by some as an affiliate advocate, I thrive on helping people to make money and be successful.

Many of my programs offer the VERY HIGHEST commission in their space, many offer 2 tier and life-time residual commissions, some offer datafeeds and some even track and pay for 800# phones sales.

5 Star Affiliate Programs

.::. Top commissions - several programs are cutting checks for over $10K
.::. Long cookie durations
.::. Great conversion rates
.::. Honest merchants
.::. Parasite-free programs
.::. Affiliate-centered, pro-active management

View them all at my 5 Star Affiliate Programs site below and let me know how I can help you make money with any of these lucrative offers.

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