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Nov 30, 2002
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nameuseek.com domain registration website For Sale
(domain expires 1/31/2005 )
Site and domain for sale

Uses itsyourdomain.com affiliate program or I can set you up with an $8.95 enom account.

www.nameuseek dot com

$45.00 (You can host it with me for an extra $30.00 per year.)

encodeware.com SITE and DOMAIN FOR SALE (domain expires 7/17/2005

The encodeware website offers the Datacrypt protection suite which is a series of tools designed to protect your websites source code from competition theft and email harvesters. Suitable for most Windows based operating systems, this software package is ordered instantly through your website and delivered automatically to your customer. The software requires free registration to obtain an unlock code which is handled automatically through the website, giving you a truly hands free eBusiness.

The DataCryp software suite is unique as it includes a PayPal encryption tool to protect downloadable products from being "stolen" by educated visitors who can extract the download link form the PayPal payment information by viewing the pages source code.

$79.00 ( Add $30.00 per year to keep it hosted with me)

Payments via Paypal

Please P.M me with any questions :)
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