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New Domain Speculation Book

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Has anyone read the new domain speculation ebook from Domain Guru? It's an excellent read. Left me wondering why nobody had written anything before.

Anybody know if there are other books / ebooks around about domain speculation?
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Does domain guru go into any details of his own achievements sales wise to temper the advice given in the book?

Also, is the book geared towards afternic style seller to seller sales or real world end user sales?

no details of sales figures from domain guru or any other sellers, but that's nothing new in this bizness. the advice is very honest though, no hype about becoming a millionaire - just practical stuff to help you do the best you can.

The book discusses both kinds of sales tactics, but very much falls on the side of selling to real world end users

Do you have a link for where I can buy/download the ebook?

I looked at lee's site at domainguru.com and couldn't see it.



I offer a free ebook on expired domain names at www.yahtool.com. It's a shorter version of my first ebook written early last year on the domain name industry. I have read Lee's guide and it is very in depth and well written.

My ebook will show you the same programs and steps I use to make a living buying and selling domain names. If you want to check it out, it is at www.dnsecrets.com.





cool Yahtool, how long have you been in the business of buying/selling domain names? I will have to check out your site, looks cool. Also, have you had much success with your Ebooks?



I've been buying and selling names since about '97. I don't feel I'm a "big" player in the game, but I've had a few big sales in the 5 figures. Most are under 1k, but when you sell a few of those each month, they add up. I wrote DNSecrets last year and it's sold very well. I'd say over a thousand copies sold so far, and YahTool, which I also developed last year has done very well, too. It's a very targeted product, but it's really coming around. Just partnered with Local Whois and am getting some steady traffic now.

I hope I'm not spamming you guys with all my sites, but I just released a new software for Ebay users called Auction Watchdog, which I'm still beta testing.


All beta testers get a registered version for free! I would appreciate anyone beta testing it for me. Just join the mailing list and you'll be directed to a download page. I have a survey to fill out after you test it and in return, I'll give you a free registration code to unlock it. For anyone that uses Ebay, you'll definitely see the value of Auction Watchdog.

By the way, I also designed the ebook cover for Lee's ebook. :cool: That's another website I own, but enough about me...

Talk to you guys soon!

There is some very interesting stuff in Lee's book about attempting to calculate in advance how much money can be made from "residual traffic".

It would certainly be nice to know how much money I could earn before splashing out on a name :)

Anybody else got their own way of deciding whether a name is worth registering for traffic value?

I be interesting in hearing of examples of domainguru's success. He seems like a journalist/marketer to me and I haven't seen solid proof to back up his claim of being the "domain guru".
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