Auctions [.org] One Word Domain 5 Years Old

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#1 [.org]
Example Usage: Get.Noticed[.Org]

End Time Thursday August 21st - 7PM Central Time

Starting bid $1.

Registrar: GoDaddy.
Created on: 21-Nov-2003
Expires on: 21-Nov-2008

This domain was listed a while back with a BIN. That BIN is no longer valid.


Notice: - Winning bidder needs to have atleast a 5+ iTrader. And not be brand new to the forum.

I just has someone new PM me about buying it, and I got a bad vibe and they might bid.

If I know you from another forum, and don't have 5+, PM me and maybe we can work something out.

Should have stated this, but 25 hours notice is fair enough.
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