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Planning to elevate the Summit's Experience: Possible Additions and new Sponsorship Opportunities


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Mar 29, 2014
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Here are 3 videos (will make the most sense to Acorn members who did attend this year's Summit) on

I am actively thinking of utilising the Monday, August 19th.. including it:
1) afternoon offsite event either having a guided cultural trip or having a visiting tour of London offices of some of the industry companies (maybe, Team Internet? .. just an idea). I prefer the 2nd one.
2) and, having an evening pre-Summit networking drinks at Hilton.. and have started conversations with Hilton's team about the options here:

Alternatively, we could reserve half of the lobby's bar space for our group. Many of us recall that last year, several attendees arrived a day early and were eager to engage in casual conversations with fellow early arrivals. While there were two small groups at the lobby's bar, it's not always easy for even the most outgoing individuals to approach and join an existing group. Hence, an official pre-Summit networking space would greatly facilitate such interactions.


Throughout the Summit, there were moments when many of us needed a peaceful place to focus on work without interruptions. I plan to include a Quiet Focus Zone for work breaks like these:

.. there will be also power sockets, of course. .. sit down, put on your headphones, and do the necessary work without the need to leave the Summit to find a peaceful place to check your emails or similar other business tasks that are done from your laptop.

Please note that, for those familiar with this year's layout, the session/discussion panel room will be swapped with the networking/exhibition area.


and the 3rd one: our exhibitors did have lots of pre-arranged meetings > and, not to be disturbed > they went upstairs to Hilton's bar to have undisturbed conversations with their existing/perspective clients.
And, the idea is to book 1 floor above the Admiral Suite (level B3) > GMT Suite (level B2) and to have space for meetings.
Note: Access to these meeting rooms will be limited to exhibitors and the companies/individuals they intend to meet.


All these 3 additions come with associated costs for the Summit > therefore, they are currently in the planning phase > I will need to secure funding and explore potential sponsors for these enhancements.

If your company is interested in sponsoring any of these initiatives and wishes to gain early recognition, please let me know. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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