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Nov 1, 2004
All domains registered at GoDaddy and are only $35 Each

Payment via PayPal - quick transfers - free push to GoDaddy account - the majority of the domains have a full year before they expire - check whois for exact dates if needed.

First to post SOLD and the domain gets it. Posted on multiple boards, so claim the ones you want now while they are still available - will go by timestamp. Buyer to make payment within 24 hours. Many of these names have tremendous development potential and can also be flipped at a nice profit.
Job board for freelancers, developers, consultants, etc.
Sell geographically targeted advertising for public wifi providers and share revenues.
Service to offer discounted or free phone service supported by ads.
Service or product for building websites.
Resume writing service - HUGE business online.
P2P payment processing service or software.
Auction marketplace for custom icons.
Service or product for building/promoting websites, newsletters, blogs, etc.
Forum or network for promotions - affiliate, lead gen, coupons, etc.
Create a test of geeky questions (tech history, computers, mac, internet, sci-fi, web 2.0, etc) and pop out a geek rank badge to post on blogs, social networks, etc.
Forum or community for sports fans/athletes (high school, college, pro, etc).
Video related site or service.
MySpace layout service - design, programming, etc.
Forumdirectory of programmers, company that offers dev services, etc.
Term used in early launch phase of websites (alpha, beta, gamma).
Product or service for link building.
Hosting directory or review site.
Directory of geographic networks where Realtors can network, exchange leads and build their businesses.

5 letter brandable name.
Site where people can bet on plays in sports.
Lipstick related site - blog, E-commerce, photos, celebs, etc.

5 letter brandable name (also the name of a character from Star Wars - a Rodian like Greedo)
Idea Marketing forum, blog, company or consultant.
Selling related product or service - lead gen, CRM software, call centers, etc.
Blog to cover web applications - facebook, iPhone, myspace, etc.
Service related to social media.
Forum or network to solicit ideas for domain names, or an aftermarket domain portfolio. - (SOLD)
Common term attached to blogging. - (SOLD)
Markup/annotation service for web pages.
Web development company or consultant.
RV sales or lead gen site - RV's sales is a hyper-competitive category online.
Service for optimizing newsletter subscriptions - blog, how-to-guide, forum, consultant, etc.
Blog or forum about American Idol - discuss weekly results and vote/predict who will be next to go (new season starts in January).
Blooks are books published on blogs or websites and are growing in popularity.
Book or website detailing best practices for resume writing.
Category owning domain for location sensors. - (SOLD)
Network or forum to share ideas - business, personal, inventions, etc.
Video site for design industry.
Local news or media service.
Service to capture hand signatures and convert to digital.
Markup/annotation service for web pages.
Blog or company that generates ideas for business.
Election/voting related site, blog or network.
Collaborative video site that crowdsources scenes for short films.
Organic food, product or company name.
Forum or social network for new parents - blogs, Q&A, articles, etc.
User Generated platform to share life's lessons.
Domain name sourcing service or software.
Anonymous bulletin board to for people to vent about various topics (relationships, work, money, etc.).
Business, idea or startup community.
Payment processing product or service.
Resume writing service, company, newsletter, blog, etc.
Marketplace to buy/sell/trade ringtones.
Discovery tool to help source quality domains (ex:,, etc).
Audio/Music related product or service. - (SOLD)
Great domain for a linking or SEO related site or service.


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Aug 6, 2006

Please PM me Paypal Address for payment

Domain paid, received and feedback submitted.
Thanks Jeff
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