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Jun 12, 2002
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If you disappear, what happens to your customers and their registrations? Will, for example, eNOM support a "pass-through" customer, even though that customer paid $8 instead of $29 bucks?

I'm not sure why you decided to open up another thread on this topic.

A reseller is simply a representative of a registrar. The registrar has the contract with ICANN and the registry.

The domains are under the control of the registrar by contract.

If the reseller goes away, there is no risk of losing the domain.

What the registrar decides to do with the domains is dependant on the contract you signed as reseller. Some will certainly push the domains to their own retail channel. Some will certainly offer these domain properties to other resellers in their channel.

There is no risk that you will lose your domain in this case, only that you will lose any extra services from the reseller, or be offered registration services for a price that you don't want to pay and be forced to change resellers.

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