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Please appraise this newly acquired batch :D

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Originally posted by Dan
Timechange - Is it true to your knowledge that all 3 character domains (including numbers) do get snatched up within moments after it expires basically?
I do my best to confirm that :D

Actually, I have no exact information, but I know that there are several "repeat" registrants from Korea (basically), China and Brazil that bombard the WHOIS servers with registration requests for domains that are about to expire. Let's not forget that the same is being done by SpanNames, ExpireFish etc.

I cannot claim I have registered domains this way; they always have expired first.


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Appraising names is not my forte, i dont belive that anybody can realy tell anybody else what thier names are worth in real terms.

I did it at AN for a few, but that was just for fun, unfortunately some people take it seriously, they can get badly burned by believing the appraisals.

All that appraising does in the end result is get the poor old newbie to reg thus just filling the coffers of the registrars.

Dont take to me seriously :))
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semms like they for about $10 on ebay, though obviously if someone contacted you you could fetch $500 or more. Really though there is simply no shortage of those kinds of names, hence very low selling prices.
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