Sold FreshlySet DotCom on Squadhelp for $1699


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Dec 13, 2019
I sold FreshlySet dot com on Squadhelp for $1699 for a 6 months instalment. That was my first time selling online, and I was super excited.

To help others, here was how I did it.

1). I created a blog here and talked about my domains regularly.
2). I participated in contests on SH and got points which I thus, used in boosting my domain visibility.
3). I registered on forums like DNforum and Namepros where I could post about my domain.
4). I posted on Reddit.
5). I integrated my social media accounts (Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, mix, Pinterest, etc) on my blog and auto-posted to them whenever I wrote a piece on my blog.

I hope this helps.

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