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Supper .us domains for sale, fixed price.

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Jan 25, 2004
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Hi, I have 4 supper .us domains@Enom, almost one year left. Now sell for $50 each. Other acceptable offers considered.

Aircompressor: One word; a industry word. I think it means much for the manufacturers of compressor industry. Overture results:43410.

Monalisa is the most famous work of Vinci. Monalisa's mysterious smile charmed everyone of the world. Overture results: 64599.

Sockets: One word; a famous company name; a industry word. Overture results: 6563.

Spawn:the most famous cartoon star in US; it is also a word. Overture results: 55239.

This thread was also post on other forums. The man who fist post SOLD will got the name.

Paypal only. Any questions or offers, pls PM me. pls dont post ur offer here.

Not open for further replies.

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