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Sep 20, 2004
#1 site up and running since 12th November. I am earning small revenue from ads visits are 1-10 per day stats here

AdSense pay very good $ on loan based ads, so a lot of potential with finance sites. Obviously not allowed to publish google figures, and it would be difficult to break up as I use same code on loads of sites.

In last google update the site has been ranked a PR5 and sub pages are PR4 I have no idea why? I am sure you will see that there are not many back links. Its a mystery to me why its got a PR5, I can obviously not guarantee that it will stay as a PR5.

Site is unique design that I commissioned so no templates.

You are bidding on the URL + all content and design.

Buyer pays all transfer costs (£30 I think?), domain registered on UKREG. I will transfer name servers upon payment, as paper work for UK domains can take a while to be processed.

Bids over $350 please. No BIN price. Payment by Paypal.

This sale will end at 1700 GMT 5th Jan 2005, none of this keep you all hanging on that seems to go on a lot in here. Highest bidder over $350 will get domain.

Please post any bids here for all to see.


Not open for further replies.