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.US Nexus not meant for real really..

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Apr 19, 2002
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Look what i found on onlinenic news:

".US domain has huge demand in Asia
NeuStar and OnlineNIC work together to promote the .US domain name to Asia Market!

US Domain Has Huge Demand in Asia
4/24/02 1:59 AM
Source: PR Newswire
SAN FRANCISCO, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- We are proud to announce that NeuStar, the registry of .US and OnlineNIC, the largest registrar in Asia, are working together to promote the .US domain name to Asia market!

'We are pleased to work with NeuStar to provide .US domain registration in Asian, for those companies who are US companies or doing business closely with US companies," said Mr. Kevin Gong, President of OnlineNIC.com, Inc. "There are more than 33,000 US companies or enterprises plus more than 100,000 US-China jointly owned companies or enterprises in China. In all of Asia, the number is five times greater. We are sure .US domain names will have great demand in Asia.'

China is the biggest country in Asia with exports to the United States of $52.1 billion last year much of it from China's 15 million small & medium size companies. Because these companies have US customers, they are very interested in registering .US domain names. Projections for the number of Chinese companies desiring .US domain names approach 1 million. This number will grow as China enters the World Trade Organization and more Chinese companies begin doing business with the United States.

OnlineNIC now has 120 employees in China and is the number 1 registrar of last year in Asia. It is doing domain registration in 17 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. OnlineNIC is working with NeuStar to help qualify and promote .US domain registration in Asia.

'China is the fastest growing Internet market in the world,' said Jeffrey E. Ganek, Chairman and CEO of NeuStar. 'NeuStar and OnlineNIC's outreach effort has great potential to maximize the value of Domain registration not only for .US but also other new services.'

.US domain registration will go live at 10:00 a.m. EDT on April 24th, 2002 "

Well - so if they expect 1 million chinese companies to register .us names,do they really believe in their own nexus policy?

Guess not.

At least,if all it takes is "doing business with the United States",then almost nobody has to fear a name to be taken away from them,including me.

But for sure i'm gonna keep this article in my archive cuz you never know...:)
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