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Valuations Models Thread 2

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Apr 21, 2002
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This is to start a new thread so I do not have to scroll back down through all that off the subject posts.

With a domain name evaluation model I usually think of something that I enjoy that I would not mind developing should I not find a buyer for the domain. In fact I've never sold a domain b/c I feel the names I hold are that valuable (since I do develop websites for personal pleasure not necessarily with money in mind).

I'm kinda scouting out afternic and I see that there was more heated bidding for preregistration than there is on there. I mean and are the only names I have seen bidded on in that category worth mentioning and even then haven't hit the reserve by far. With the 50 dollar sign up fee and the buyer having to incurr all the fees I somehow see their system skewed more towards making money off eager squatters and the fact that it's overloaded with names tends to take away from the real value of some really good names. 10,000??? 2,500??? 9,750???

I mean I still know of some pretty good one word US names available. Is it really wise to buy them though?

I try and register names that would be hard to nab otherwise , because someone else might get them. Phrases or more than three words are usually a no no for me. The one phrase I did buy a few years back was and remains the only org I own.

After pre-reg which I only tried on one name (and didn't get it obviously), I looked at names that were registered in all 5 main categories already (.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz) and usually only bought it if this was so otherwise I put it on the "I can wait list". I'm sure some will still be bought regardless of this fact but I feel that this law usually holds and demand is based on availability of that name in regards to all domain name extensions.

.US seems to roll off the tongue though so I can see it becoming popular esp with the rise of patriotism in america this year (or maybe it's just a decrease in apathy). When am I supposed to hear about this "great .US marketing campaign" b/c if anything that will fuel the demand and help the prices rise. Do any of you see this happening and can you give me any links to articles on the web about this? Maybe I do not watch TV enough anymore. I barely knew about it before preregistration. That may be off the discussion mark a little but it is affecting my domain evaluation in buying other names that I know are still available at the current moment.
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