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vrsn rcom. Verisign & Register How low will they go?

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Verisgn posted a quantum loss according to company mainly do to a charge related to the write-down of acquisitions.
20 $ plus per share for last quarter or 4.8 Billion....
NS predict domains under their belt will go down from 10 milllion to 9 million by end of year...
Next in line is Register.com ...
I wonder if the so called "analysts" read the quarterly reports "State of the Domain" you don't have to a genius...register.com is a strong buy at some Wall street Boutique$.
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Verisign will probably absorb Register.com next. Register.com is pushing very hard to pick up resellers for other registrars at the moment, and they appear to be very hungry based on my conversations with their sales people.


Bad adquisitions ....and brilliant intl alliances is what it got them in trouble " $4.6 billion charge related to the write-down of acquisitions"
Inspite of Huge losses ...since the losses were inline with expectations stock is up more than a dollar... to $6 and change
(it used to be traded at $200 plus)
Go figure...
maybe when register.com goes down to a buck or so...
the next state of the domain report should be pahtetic for all domain registrars...
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