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We have a new event partnership with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. A short video we have created about MEF


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Mar 29, 2014
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We have a new event partnership with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. This partnership is to create more business between the Domain Name business world and the Telecoms business world.

MEF is one of the leading global telecoms trade associations in the world that focuses on supporting and promoting the growth of the mobile ecosystem. With members in 45 countries, it brings together mobile network operators, financial corporations, technology providers, regulators, and more.

MEF will have its own discussion panel "Business Messaging World, Meet the World of Domain Names". The panelists will be the Evangelist of Imimobile David Creasey-Benjamin, the CEO of Annecto Telecom - Franck Zaïre, the Chief Strategy Officer at ENEA Adaptive Mobile Security - Simeon Coney and Uku Tomikas who is the CEO at Messente Communications. The panel will be moderated by James Williams who is the Director of Programmes at MEF.

MEF members: https://mobileecosystemforum.com/members/

Don't miss your chance to do profitable business with the members of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum at the London Domain Summit 2023.

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