WLS Dotster's Letter

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May 4, 2002
Originally posted by DomainSage
ICANN needs reorganization.
I've noticed that many countries are starting to wake up big time to the commercial and political importance of their own assigned cctlds. If anything ICANN has made cctld holders seek more independence.


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Verisign is telling ICANN that they will run WLS in any manner they wish and ICANN's process is totally void of any authority. I just hope Verisign really understands the "Market" will really decide how all this plays out and that others may and will contact domain owners when
a WLS is placed on their names. This is going to be a real nightmare for all those people that think that getting a WLS will be winning the name
game. It will only give name holders a real gauge
to value their names. Does Verisign think that name speculators will not check their names for WLS before letting them expire?.... Or are they
somehow going to hide the fact that a name has
a WLS. Talk about customer choice! If one were to have five names in mind about a domain name for a business and wanted to know if any were available for registration and or WLS, would they have to buy a WLS on all to find out?


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Originally posted by askii

This is the real bombshell.......
Have you read some of this? Unreal. There is one part that I like particularly.

As the Department of Commerce has stressed, "…prices should be set by a competitive marketplace." ICANN has neither the authority nor the expertise to replace the marketplace. As the Department of Commerce has stated, "ICANN should not be 'the government of the Internet.' . . . [M]arket forces should play a greater role and (that) ICANN's involvement in policy-making in this area should be correspondingly narrow." At this point, we suggest that the marketplace should be allowed to perform its own functions.

I am wondering what functions in particular Networst is talking about. I understand the marketplace to be one where competition fosters an equilibrium of prices. In order to stay in business you must charge enough. If you charge too much people will go to your competition and you will also go chapter 11. With WLS, Netsol is the sole supplier of this service. There are no competitors. Netsol gets their $24/ subscription and registrars sell to the public for whatever the market will support. If they really want an equitable marketplace, there should be more than one supplier of the service to the registrars so that we all have a true choice.
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