Developed â˜… I need to move 50 sites by tomorrow - starting at $10! GREAT BARGAINS! 99centDOTws★

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    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. As we are based in Gibraltar which is part of the EU and we have customers all over the world we are obligated to follow the new regulation as of May 25, 2018.

    Accordingly, although we must request full contact information from each of you so our systems and webpage may continue to function we will restrict processing and data transfers as much as possible. When logged into we will display only your chosen handle and no other specific information unless requested by you. In order to request your specific information be revealed please go into your account settings and check the radio boxes next to the information. By default all information is private.

    To cover all aspects of GDPR we have published a new / updated agreement (which includes our terms and privacy policy) that will become effective on May 25, 2018. It may be found at:

    Onward and upwards;

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Jul 21, 2004
My server is too overcrowded for a new big project, so at least 50 of these sites have to go today. Help me move these sites and get some great bargains to boot! :)

Many of these sites are well-established and they have some great names too.

You get a free domain push at the current registrar (just do a WHOIS lookup to determine), plus 3 days' free hosting with full cPanel/FTP access, so you have lots of time to move the site. (Sorry, I don't do migrations to/installations on other servers - if necessary, you can get someone on this forum to do it very cheaply for you)

This is a limited time, fixed-price, offer (and not a traffic/income sale, so please don't ask). Once I've made enough space on the server, the sale's over - so grab them now. Multiforum post, so strictly first-come, first-served! Please post SOLD to claim and send payment without delay. Thanks.

(Want a clickable list? Go here)

Grab some cheapies at $10 each!
Check out these $20 bargains!
  [*][b]marthasrealityDOTcom (never quite finished this one :o )[/b]
  [*][b]vfreebiesDOTcom (Pligg, where I've disabled many of the functions to prevent spam. You'll have to fix it/upgrade)[/b]
  [*][b]xmasringtonesDOTinfo (very old domain/site)[/b]

These websites are only $30 each for a short time!
  [*][b]askholesDOTcom (just renewed!)[/b]
  [*][b]favoritemomDOTcom (unfinished)[/b]
  [*][b]podflickerDOTcom (nice name)[/b]
  [*][b]zuneretailstoreDOTcom (you'll need a BANS license*)[/b]

These, just $50 each for a limited time only!
  [*][b]fundmystuffDOTcom (well-aged - the 7 paid links will have to stay)[/b]
  [*][b]grimavengerDOTcom (comes with AOM Lite version)[/b]
  [*][b]kidsafepcDOTcom (Joomla)[/b]
  [*][b]knowallthingsDOTcom (includes knowallthingsDOTinfo)[/b]
  [*][b]ps2systemDOTcom (plus free bonus domain)[/b]
  [*][b]quickinfoaboutDOTcom (article directory with a few hundred articles waiting to be approved)[/b]
  [*][b]rantandraveforumDOTcom (inactive and I just cleaned it up, but old domain/site)[/b]

  [*][b]vortexvalleyDOTcom (unfinished, but unique theme)[/b]
  [*][b]youreshittinmeDOTcom (includes bonus domain)[/b]

A little more, at $80 each, but definitely worth it!
  [*][b]absintheretailerDOTcom (AOM Lite version included)[/b]
  [*][b]cheapmoviepassesDOTcom (you'll need a BANS license*)[/b]
  [*][b]ipodsceneDOTcom (great name, well-aged)[/b]
  [*][b]mirapexDOTnet (well-aged)[/b]
  [*][b]nascaranalystDOTcom (real term)[/b]
  [*][b]passionofthechristDOTws (comes with AOM Lite version)[/b]
  [*][b]presidentkerryDOTws (well-aged site - use it to drive traffic to your political site!)[/b]
  [*][b]searchatattooDOTcom (free bonus: search-a-tattooDOTcom)[/b]
  [*][b]secondhandipodsDOTcom (you'll need a BANS license*)[/b]
  [*][b]securingyourselfDOTcom (all original)[/b]
  [*][b]shocklogsDOTcom (just renewed!)[/b]
  [*][b]technology-gadgetsDOTcom (includes the DOTinfo too)[/b]
  [*][b]wiisalesoutletDOTcom (Lite version of AOM included)[/b]
  [*][b]wiistorefrontDOTcom (paid Amazon script included)[/b]

And if you want to spend a little more at $120 each and get a whole lot more!
  [*][b]firefoxlinkDOTcom (plus firefoxlinksDOTcom)[/b]
  [*][b]formula1dealsDOTcom (free bonus)[/b]
  [*][b]formulaoneoutletDOTcom (free bonus)[/b]
  [*][b]musclerumorDOTcom (comes with other variations of the name too)[/b]
  [*][b]nascarretailerDOTcom (comes with AOM Lite version)[/b]
  [*][b]normandyblogDOTcom (valuable name)[/b]
  [*][b]opensourcethisDOTcom (10,900 pages indexed in Google!)[/b]
  [*][b]sicilyblogDOTcom (valuable name)[/b]
* If you don't have or want to get a BANS license for the particular eBay site above, I'll convert the site to the free OS McJiffy eBay script (as used, for example, on wiiretailDOTcom) for just $15 extra. Of course you'll have to redirect the old indexed pages to their new counterparts to maintain any SEO benefit.

I only accept payment via a verified PayPal account from available funds (i.e. no credit card or check-funded payments).

Other Terms: Perform your due diligence. Perform a WHOIS search/use your favorite domain tool for registrar, age, PR, etc. Sold As-Is, Where-Is, No Warranties. E&OE. I reserve the right not to sell. Full Terms here.


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Jul 21, 2004

  1. aboutappleiphoneDOTcom DP
  2. aboutbatistaDOTcom dnForum (pending)
  3. aboutkaneDOTcom dnForum (pending)
  4. aboutundertakerDOTcom dnForum (pending)
  5. adsensenewbieguideDOTcom DP (pending)
  6. adsensenewbiekitDOTcom DP
  7. bargainharleyDOTcom dnForum (pending)
  8. bertsarticlesDOTcom DP
  9. cheatmeDOTnet dnForum (pending)
  10. domainsayDOTcom DP (pending)
  11. gothamavengerDOTcom dnForum (pending)
  12. nitrorccarDOTinfo dnForum (pending)
  13. postafreebieDOTcom DP
  14. publicgolfcoursepagesDOTinfo dnForum
  15. servicestationpagesDOTinfo NP
  16. vfreebiesDOTcom DP

Only 34 sites to go before I close this sale! :)
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Jul 21, 2004
Here's a SOLD update:

  1. aboutappleiphoneDOTcom DP
  2. aboutbatistaDOTcom dnForum
  3. aboutkaneDOTcom dnForum
  4. aboutundertakerDOTcom dnForum
  5. adsensenewbieguideDOTcom DP
  6. adsensenewbiekitDOTcom DP
  7. askholesDOTcom DP
  8. bargainharleyDOTcom dnForum
  9. bertsarticlesDOTcom DP
  10. britneytalkDOTnet DP
  11. cheatmeDOTnet dnForum
  12. domainsayDOTcom DP
  13. gothamavengerDOTcom dnForum
  14. nitrorccarDOTinfo dnForum
  15. postafreebieDOTcom DP
  16. publicgolfcoursepagesDOTinfo dnForum
  17. servicestationpagesDOTinfo NP
  18. vfreebiesDOTcom DP

And these sales are pending, awaiting payment. Taking backup offers.
  1. domainallotDOTcom DP (pending)
  2. getstartedwithadsenseDOTcom NP (pending)
  3. heliodownloadsDOTcom NP (pending)

Will be closing this sale tomorrow, so last chance. Grab them before they're gone! :)

Someone requested the Page Ranks - here they are (as checked with a bulk PR tool):
2008presidentDOTinfo  	2
aboutappleiphoneDOTcom 	1
aboutsimpsonsDOTcom 	1
absintheshopDOTinfo 	1
adattacksDOTcom 	2
boratlingoDOTcom 	1
boratmovieonlineDOTcom 	2
boratwearDOTcom 	2
bushcommentsDOTcom 	2
cellpackagesDOTcom 	1
cheapmoviepassesDOTcom 	1
domainsayDOTcom 	1
drdropshipDOTcom 	1
freshinvoicesDOTcom 	1
fundmystuffDOTcom 	1
getiphoneDOTbiz 	1
getiphoneserviceDOTcom 	1
heliodownloadsDOTcom 	1
hillarystyleDOTcom 	2
holyfatherbenedict16DOTcom 	3
iphonecustomiseDOTcom 	1
iphoneinterfacesDOTcom 	1
iphoneloverDOTinfo 	1
iphoneproductsDOTus 	1
iphonerepairsDOTus 	1
knowallthingsDOTcom 	1
knowallthingsDOTinfo 	1
latinmaximsDOTcom 	1
marthasrealityDOTcom 	1
mszuneDOTinfo 	1
politicalsciencescholarDOTcom 	3
presidential-electionDOTus 	2
presidentkerryDOTws 	2
quickinfoaboutDOTcom 	1
realiphoneDOTcom 	1
rednecksDOTws 	1
rednecktshirtsDOTus 	1
reelmovietimesDOTcom 	1
ronpaulblogDOTus 	2
searchingforetDOTcom 	1
shocklogsDOTcom 	1
sicilyblogDOTcom 	1
technology-gadgetsDOTcom 	2
thecurrentpopeDOTcom 	1
wackyebayDOTcom 	1
wholesale-discountersDOTcom 	1
yahioiDOTcom 	1
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