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33 .Info & .Biz Domains Expiring Soon ON SALE - All Priced $15-$39

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Jul 15, 2002
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Today we have a CLEARANCE list featuring 33 .Info & .Biz domains that are coming up for renewal in the next 6 weeks (or that have expired but are still renewable). We will renew some of these and drop some. If there are domains on this list that you can use we are slashing the price – so you can get them now and not take the chance that:

a) we decide to renew the domain and keep it ourselves or
b) you can catch the domain when it finally drops 2-4 months from now.

Since the names will expire soon, the prices listed INCLUDE a 1-year renewal at the current registrar that we will pay for BEFORE we push the domain to you at the current registrar. If you prefer to transfer out from our registrar to your own and pay the renewal fee yourself, you may deduct $8 from the price listed. This option is ONLY available if there is still enough time left to make a smooth transfer, so it is not available if the domains expire before 9/15/04.

This offer expires 48 HOURS from the time of this post. Where Overture numbers are shown, figure is for the term without extension. Thanks for looking!

Super Cheap Domains Expiring Soon!

.INFO $25
EV1 09/24/04 $29
Enom 09/24/04 $25
EV1 09/24/04 $19
EV1 10/05/04 $15
EV1 09/24/04 $29
EV1 10/05/04 $29
EV1 10/05/04 $29
EV1 09/24/04 $35
EV1 09/24/04 $29
EV1 09/24/04 $19
EV1 09/24/04 $19
EV1 09/24/04 $19
EV1 10/05/04 $25
EV1 09/24/04 $29
EV1 09/24/04 $19
EV1 09/24/04 $29
Enom 09/25/04 $25
EV1 09/24/04 $19
EV1 09/30/04 $29
EV1 09/24/04 $25
EV1 09/29/04 $25
EV1 10/10/04 $19
EV1 10/10/04 $25
EV1 10/10/04 $19
EV1 09/24/04 $29
EV1 09/04/04 $25
EV1 09/24/04

.BIZ $15
WildWest 08/20/04 $15
WildWest 08/20/04 $19
WildWest 08/03/04 $15
Email = WildWest 08/22/04 $25
WildWest 09/19/04 $39
Over 17,000 in OT. WildWest 09/14/04

Post SOLD in this thread to claim domains (this list is being made available in several venues so all domains are subject to prior sale). Time stamp on posts will determine who made the first claim. Payment to be made with 24 hours by PayPal (U.S. customers can also use any major credit card).

You are also invited to visit our two sales sites: for Com-Net-Org and for Biz-Info-US. Feel free to make an offer on anything you like. You will find more than 4,500 domains to choose from.

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