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developed 4 forums for sale

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Aug 25, 2004
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Im interested in selling off 4 of my school forums. Primarily due to other
projects and not being able to commit the time needed to actually
administer these sites. The forums have been kind of slow during the
summer because well its the summer and these are university forums.
Things will pick back up very soon as most of these schools start back
by the end of this month.

These are good forums and each of them have some self promoters that
spread the word as much as possible and will gladly work with whoever is
admining on a local level to get things rolling.

As far as revenue earned off of these, I have in the past sold a few ads
across all of the forums and generated ~$100 a month for a few months in
ad dollars. I stopped selling ads because the summer was coming up and I
didnt feel it was right to try and sell people ad space with the traffic
about to drop off like it was.

We have explored selling advertising on a local level and at least the city we
tried (tntechforum.coms city) we found that people were very willing to
sponsor such a project due to school pride.

www.tntechforum.com 235 users pr 3
www.ualrforum.com 257 users pr 2
www.cmsuforum.com 125 users pr 2
www.nkuforum.com 172 users pr 3

cpl of week old stats:


I will consider all serious offers, you can make an offer an on individual site
or on all 4. I reserve the right to take a buyout on all 4 if the price is right.

Happy bidding and feel free to pm or email me any questions

contact email: deverhart@abstracthosting.com
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