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How much is it worth? - Probably not much more than you paid for it.

Is the name catchy? - It's kind of hard to say. It is short though.

Is it a Good name for a pay per click search engine? - It's ok I guess. One problem I see is 4 can be spelled several ways (4, for, four, and fore).

I might be totally wrong, but that's my gut feeling towards this one.

I wish you much success with it...

Doug Dillard
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Originally posted by MC Juice
I just picked it up 5 minutes ago.

Just wondering:

How much is it worth?
Is the name catchy?
Is it a Good name for a pay per click search engine?
Well, the whole 4------.com concept is something 4anything.com have been running for several years now (I was an affiliate of theirs in the way-back-when).

I don't think 4find is all that great for a ppc search engine name as I strongly doubt it gets much in the way of on-spec type in traffic and its will be competing for memorability with 4search, forfind etc. If you're going to have to market it to get clicks in the first place, makes sense to pick something easier to communicate (e.g. avoiding the 4/for/fore problem) and a little more catchy imo.
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If you plan to build something on it and then sell it, I would not be surprised if it sold in the $500 - $2,000 range.

On its own, its street value is around $75.

As in "virtual server"? Maybe you can find a web hosting company that might be interested. Otherwise, again, on its own it's not worth more than $30

The secret is: sell the domain to an industry that would pay high bucks for it.
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