short 82 High Quality NUSP, DRYD, DXXX, GULN Pronounceables, Quads etc

The domains listed here are for domains with 4 or less characters.

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69 quality 4L domains. If interested in one or two of them, post here or PM an offer.
More domains and BINs to be added later: Reminds of ABCs

AP**.com A bit like Apex, repeat X Ax Database This Chip blows. Or not BIN $795 Great letters, ends in i. ‘Be my investor / inspiration’ Chip, bit like brawny, brainy? Also BR Brazil and NY New york CD Russia Nice chip BIN $405 CO Colorado, Company Roman numeral 191, repeat C BIN $415 Semi-pronounceable with/Hong Kong I heard D Flu is going around BIN $1250 Chip, DL-download, ends in W Quad, BOND backwards Pronounceable chip, Dry, dried BIN $5150 Triple-repeat, adult (BXXX recently sold $6000) BIN $1500 Chip, ‘Develop Your Domain Names’ CA California or Canada Quad, SHOE backwards Pronounceable a bit like pepsi Pronounceable, a tough vcvc BIN $1150 Chip, quad premium, repeat F Semi-pronounceable, Fed, DV Digital video BIN $715 Fee Fie Fo Fum. Pronounceable Contains Fix BIN $2050 contains Fly Quad, ‘Free Online Gameplay’ Chip, ‘Forex stock dealer’

GA**.com BIN $1000 Pronounceable, GA Georgia, RX meds Chip with BFF BIN $215 JV at the end for Joint Venture Pronounceable Pronounceable with US BIN $695 Nice Pronounceable Semi-pronounceable, contains Flu H of H, Hard of Hearing, House of Horrors etc India or In Web Design Nice vcvc, bit like izod BIN $380 bit like Jack. Ja headquarters Jah, pronounceable a bit like jacks BIN $1000 Pronounceable, Knuckle Chip, quad premium, high school BIN $1650 DNA, many similar .coms developed such as pdna, ddna, wdna, sdna, jdna, kdna, bdna, fdna more BIN $525 Semi-pronounceable, quad Semi-pronounceable, repeat BIN $1250 Chip, north dakota, land typo? Mister Facebook/Football/etc Pronouncebale Pronounceable New Mexico, High Def Pronounceable Nice quad premium Beijing Nice quad premium Nice quad, ohhh boy Pronounceable VCVC Reminds of PC Biz Great letters, reminds of Pai Gow Cool pronounceable, like fuzz Picture in picture, semi-pronounceable Semi-pronounceable, jew keyword Pay Per View Online, vote online etc Pronounceable, pry keyword Good pronounceable Pronounceable like pawn, lawn, dawn With DVR or VR Pronounceable like queue, deux Pronounceable like Cops Pronounceable like kayak Semi-pronounceable, rave Nice chip, reminds of recipe Short for Requirement, or ‘wrecked’ Good semi-pronounceable First name and last initial Semi-pronounceable, a last name for some Semi-pronounceable pronounceable like Road Rolling on the floor howling Great letters, Hi, Hawaii Solid letters Excellent along the lines of Rhythm Reminds of Raven

Most of the domains are at Godaddy. Escrow or Payoneer for some deals (split fee unless agree to other). Paypal for small deals (with good iTrader, at my discretion)
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