4 Char or Less Offers 82 High Quality LLLL.com NUSP, DRYD, DXXX, GULN Pronounceables, Quads etc

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Jan 12, 2008
69 quality 4L LLLL.com domains. If interested in one or two of them, post here or PM an offer.
More domains and BINs to be added later:

ABZS.com Reminds of ABCs

AP**.com A bit like Apex, repeat X

AXDB.com Ax Database

BLWS.com This Chip blows. Or not

BMYI.com BIN $795 Great letters, ends in i. ‘Be my investor / inspiration’

BRNY.com Chip, bit like brawny, brainy? Also BR Brazil and NY New york

CDRU.com CD Russia

CFLN.com Nice chip

COQD.com BIN $405 CO Colorado, Company

CXCI.com Roman numeral 191, repeat C

DAHK.com BIN $415 Semi-pronounceable with/Hong Kong

DFLU.com I heard D Flu is going around

DLLW.com BIN $1250 Chip, DL-download, ends in W

DNOB.com Quad, BOND backwards

DRYD.com Pronounceable chip, Dry, dried

DXXX.com BIN $5150 Triple-repeat, adult (BXXX recently sold $6000)

DYDN.com BIN $1500 Chip, ‘Develop Your Domain Names’

DZCA.com CA California or Canada

EOHS.com Quad, SHOE backwards

EPCY.com Pronounceable a bit like pepsi

ETUF.com Pronounceable, a tough vcvc

FCTF.com BIN $1150 Chip, quad premium, repeat F

FEDV.com Semi-pronounceable, Fed, DV Digital video

FIEK.com BIN $715 Fee Fie Fo Fum. Pronounceable

FIXF.com Contains Fix

FLYF.com BIN $2050 contains Fly

FOGP.com Quad, ‘Free Online Gameplay’

FXSD.com Chip, ‘Forex stock dealer’

GA**.com BIN $1000 Pronounceable, GA Georgia, RX meds

GBFF.com Chip with BFF

GSJV.com BIN $215 JV at the end for Joint Venture

GULN.com Pronounceable

GYUS.com Pronounceable with US

HEWP.com BIN $695 Nice Pronounceable

HFLU.com Semi-pronounceable, contains Flu

HOFH.com H of H, Hard of Hearing, House of Horrors etc

INWD.com India or In Web Design

IZOF.com Nice vcvc, bit like izod

JAHQ.com BIN $380 bit like Jack. Ja headquarters

JAHX.com Jah, pronounceable a bit like jacks

KNUC.com BIN $1000 Pronounceable, Knuckle

LBHS.com Chip, quad premium, high school

LDNA.com BIN $1650 DNA, many similar .coms developed such as pdna, ddna, wdna, sdna, jdna, kdna, bdna, fdna more

LHOS.com BIN $525 Semi-pronounceable, quad

LPEP.com Semi-pronounceable, repeat

LSND.com BIN $1250 Chip, north dakota, land typo?

MRFB.com Mister Facebook/Football/etc

MUNF.com Pronouncebale

NEHX.com Pronounceable

NMHD.com New Mexico, High Def

NUSP.com Pronounceable

OAPN.com Nice quad premium

OFBJ.com Beijing

OFDT.com Nice quad premium

OHHB.com Nice quad, ohhh boy

OMOJ.com Pronounceable VCVC

PCBZ.com Reminds of PC Biz

PGOW.com Great letters, reminds of Pai Gow

PHUZ.com Cool pronounceable, like fuzz

PIPW.com Picture in picture, semi-pronounceable

PJEW.com Semi-pronounceable, jew keyword

PPVO.com Pay Per View Online, vote online etc

PRYI.com Pronounceable, pry keyword

PYYU.com Good pronounceable

QAWN.com Pronounceable like pawn, lawn, dawn

QDVR.com With DVR or VR

QEUX.com Pronounceable like queue, deux

QOPS.com Pronounceable like Cops

QYAK.com Pronounceable like kayak

RAVH.com Semi-pronounceable, rave

RCPY.com Nice chip, reminds of recipe

REQT.com Short for Requirement, or ‘wrecked’

RESW.com Good semi-pronounceable

REXF.com First name and last initial

RHIF.com Semi-pronounceable, a last name for some

RIZX.com Semi-pronounceable

ROAQ.com pronounceable like Road

ROFH.com Rolling on the floor howling

RRHI.com Great letters, Hi, Hawaii

RSNI.com Solid letters

RTHM.com Excellent along the lines of Rhythm

RYVN.com Reminds of Raven

Most of the domains are at Godaddy. Escrow or Payoneer for some deals (split fee unless agree to other). Paypal for small deals (with good iTrader, at my discretion)
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