Developed 9 nice sites for sale, good names

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Oct 7, 2002
very nice site, custom. Very easy to remember name. Traffic should build quickly because of the free tools. Loaded a fair number of other ebooks not listed on the library page. Rage ranker software included. Daily average 3 hits daily. People wont forget this name and they will come back for codes.
$100 $45
very strong name, worth, IMVHO, more than asking price. site offers large number of free fonts. Should get some nice traffic from font downloads. Great name and site to build off of. $45
an auction site on a single word dictionary term that makes since. A little work on design and promotion and you could really have something. Ebay prices are getting out of control. People will remember this name. $25
I have included about 200 scripts you can set up on site. Site has banner rotater installed, as well as google. Add all the zips and you will have a 200 page website with google on every page. Download section delivers password to buyers and you set the length till download expires. Just load software and promote, delivery and passwords all taken care of. Easy to remember 8 letter DN. $old
yet another name thats harrd to forget. great service to promote people running auctions. Site is several months old, but hasn't been promoted. Listed in yahoo, so with so key words, metatags, should climb quickly. $30
auto hits site. Very nice automated site. You can approve sites if you wish. Promote free traffic to others and get your sites seen. Add free traffic to your sites, and maybe even make a few bucks. Not from normal TK sites. $30
run a full featured freelance site. (set has not been done as it is a large file). Be listed first in free lance site lists. very easy to remember. sold
nice legal form site. about 85 legal forms already installed, you can charge what you like for the forms. Great name. $25
need a place to list your sites and names? Why pay $75 for software, this site is ready to go and you can charge others to post there sites. You can promote affiliates as well.

All names are at enom. Sites are mostly template based with varying degrees of customization. All names are at enom Post sold to claim or any questions. Pm offers. Will push to enom account and send ftp data after payment. Can install on most servers for $10 per.

Thanks for looking.
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