A Japanese pop star has blocked the development of China‘s domain name market

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Mar 9, 2020
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With the continuous development of the Internet in recent years, the domain name industry has begun to rise rapidly. In the domestic market, the layout of enterprise domain name strategy focuses on Pinyin domain names. Most of these Pinyin domain names are those that can reflect the characteristics of the industry and have commercial value.

Yuming.com is the best domain name in China's domain name industry, because it directly benchmarked to the domain name industry itself, so that people can understand the business attributes of the website while inputting the domain name, and its position is equivalent to the international DomainName.com, but what is such a good domain name until 2018?

Originally, Yuming was the English name of Japanese singer songrengu Yushi. Her Japanese fans collected this yuming.com in a low-key way. The Japanese didn't know what the value of this domain name would be in the Chinese market. In the face of the constantly received email of price consultation, in order to put an end to "harassment", they had no choice but to hide the whois information of this domain name in recent years. Therefore, this domain name is neither a website nor an effective contact information under the name of fans. Many domain name enthusiasts in China want to own this domain name, but they have to give up because they have been unable to contact the domain name holders.

Things turned around in the second half of 2017. A Chinese domain name investor named Yinan Wang finally contacted the Japanese after more than ten years of efforts, and finally bought Yuming.com, the "symbol" of the domain name industry, back on October 24, 2017! As the domain name of Yuming.com corresponds to the domain name industry, this news has aroused great repercussions in the domain name circle. Many domain name investors have started to contact Yinan Wang to purchase this top-level industry domain name. But because of his preference for the domain name, he rejected all the investors' offers at that time.

Dai Yue, a famous domain name investor, also liked Yuming.com, and he was trying to build a domain name platform similar to Jingdong Mall, so he flew to Beijing to talk with Yinan Wang for three times. His full sincerity and high price made Yinan Wang hard to refuse, and finally reached a cooperation.

After the sale of Yuming.com, Yinan Wang acquired the top English domain name DomainName.com in the domain name industry from the Registrar namecheck.com, but due to his busy work, the domain name has not been a project. In the past two years, Dai Yue, who won Yuming.com, has not been idle. On the one hand, he has made great efforts to build Yuming.com platform. On the other hand, he has been investing in 2-letter.com domain names. Today, he has 16 2-letter.com domain names, becoming the holder with the most 2-letter in the world.

Dai Yue hopes to make his domain name platform Yuming.com enter the global market, so he wants to know more domain name enthusiasts around the world and also wants to acquire DomainName.com, but Yinan Wang says he hopes to collect the domain name all the time and is not willing to sell it. Finally, the two reached a consensus: at a reasonable price, Yinan Wang leased the domain name DomainName.com to Dai Yue for use, hoping to use DomainName.com to help Dai Yue open the door of the global domain name market.
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