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Mar 19, 2009
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very brandable domain name, once you hear it you won't forget it

domain comes with entire website content
with your admin control panel you can edit/add any content you wish, you control every inch of your website, very easy to use

you can easily earn affiliate money with incoming streams from google adsense, ebay, amazon, clickbank, paydot, resellrightsfortune

In order for your website to be live on the web, you need hosting server space so that your website is live on the web and you need a domain name or URL, which is your web address. I offer a comprehensive hosting & service package for only $ 1.95 per month that will ensure your website is up and running and ready to go for you. Hosting comes from php-community.com with a cpanel hosting package.

Free Support for hosting, domain transfer, affiliate setup, functionality of your website

If you want to use your own hosting instead:
No problem. You are not required to host with me. Please keep in mind that if you do not host with me, you will need to upload the files to the server of your choice.

Auction Terms:

I do not offer refunds, so please be sure to ask questions before bidding.
The auction is for the domain name and website files. Hosting server space is required for the website to be live and is not included in the auction. The winner of the auction can take advantage of our hosting & service package or host the files on the server of their choice.

This custom website is sold as it is. Customizing or editing the design of the website is not included in the auction or hosting price. We can negotiate fees for any changes that you may want made.

I launched the article directory few days ago from scratch - now having more than 2000 articles and 400 authors, still counting. Receiving about 100-200 articles per day.
You have full control over the categories for which you do or don't receive articles. You can then further fine tune this by filtering out articles by keywords - for example if you have a 'games' category, you could, if you wished, filter out any articles that included 'poker' as a keyword.

You can also opt to receive embedded video, audio or image with the articles. Again you have full control over what you get and how they are displayed.

The Videos and audios are not hosting on your site, so they won't use up any of your bandwidth. The images are hosted on your site, but they are pretty small.

Having multi media on your site is a great way to enhance your visitor's experience, which means they will stick around more, and maybe check out some of the offers or affiliate links that you have.

Every time your blog receives a new article from the Wizard, and it is published, Wordpress will automatically "ping" those update services. Those services then tell all sorts of other sites that there is a new article on your site.

Those other sites are looking for content, and so what do they do? They post a snippet of the new article (that just arrived onto your Wordpres blog) onto their site. Along with a link back to your site! And it all happens automatically.

Quite apart from the fact that the search engines LOVE all that content that is going on your site!

For now I'm receiving 100-200 clicks PER DAY, still counting
Only your imagination can stop you by developing this site
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