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May 23, 2002
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To respond to a few PMs I've received.

Yes, the website is Adsense Friendly. The Adsense Bot came due to the fact I was running a test Adwords campaign with the website. I have since paused the campaign and the bot stopped coming.

The site itself is pretty easy to maintain as you just need to switch out your Allposters affiliate ID on the pages. It is 15 pages that you have to change, but that isn't too bad.

The "Over 300,000 Posters, Art Prints, T-Shirts and More! Custom Framing, Quick Delivery and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee" bar, the left menu with all the categories and the copyright section are all seperate HTML files that are called by PHP INCLUDE. That means they are very easy to update across the whole webpage and allows for 3 places to add Adsene to the website.

Keep the bids coming. Looks like the high bid so far is $20.00. Remember ... highest bid by 11:59pm EST tonight gets it. :)
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