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Website for Sale: DigitalSplendid.agency


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Jul 10, 2023
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Are you looking to acquire a well-established website with a robust content base and monetization potential? Look no further! DigitalSplendid.agency is a WordPress website packed with valuable content and monetization opportunities in various niches. Here's what makes this website an exceptional investment:

Website Overview:
  • Domain: DigitalSplendid.agency
  • Domain Registrar: NameCheap
  • Domain Creation Date: March 5, 2019
  • Domain Renewal Date: March 5, 2024
Key Features:
  1. Rich Content Library: With 119 blog posts, covering a diverse range of topics including Affiliate Marketing, Cloud Computing/Startup Resources, Financial Solutions, Web Development, and Internet Marketing, DigitalSplendid.agency offers valuable insights and information to its audience.
  2. Product Portfolio: The website boasts 25 products, categorized into in-house services and affiliate offerings. These products cater to the needs of the audience, enhancing engagement and revenue potential.
  3. Monetization Strategy: Leveraging affiliate marketing, DigitalSplendid.agency redirects traffic to affiliate sites, offering substantial revenue potential through commissions and partnerships.
  4. Categorized Content: The content is strategically categorized under various sections including Blog, Offers, Partner News, Guest Posts, and News, ensuring easy navigation and enhanced user experience.

Why Invest in DigitalSplendid.agency?
  • Established Online Presence: With a domain age of over five years, DigitalSplendid.agency has established itself as a credible source of information and services in its respective niches.
  • Scalability and Growth Potential: The website offers ample opportunities for expansion and growth through content diversification, SEO optimization, and targeted marketing efforts.
  • Passive Income Potential: With a solid foundation in affiliate marketing and a diverse product portfolio, DigitalSplendid.agency has the potential to generate passive income streams for its owner.
  • Responsive WordPress Design: Built on the WordPress platform, the website offers a user-friendly interface and responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing experience across devices.
Financials and Additional Information:
  • Detailed financial reports and traffic analytics available upon request.
  • All content is original and SEO-optimized, contributing to organic traffic growth.
  • Current hosting arrangements and domain registration details will be transferred seamlessly to the new owner.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to acquire a thriving website with immense potential for growth and profitability. Whether you're an experienced digital entrepreneur or a savvy investor looking to diversify your portfolio, DigitalSplendid.agency offers a solid foundation for long-term success.

For inquiries and further details, please contact us today to discuss this exciting investment opportunity. Take the next step towards owning a valuable online asset with DigitalSplendid.agency!

Content Inventory:

119 published blog posts categorized into:
  1. Affiliate Marketing (20)
  2. Buy Digital Assets (9)
  3. Cloud Computing/Startup Resource (26)
  4. Financial Solutions (9)
  5. Guest Post (2)
  6. News (48)
  7. Offers (6)
  8. Partner News (47)
  9. Web Development & Internet Marketing (60)
  10. Brands (42)
  11. Discussion (12)
  12. Discussion (WordPress) (4)
While the content in our News and Partner News categories may originate from external sources, we attribute the content to its original source.

25 Products categorized into:
  1. Affiliate Marketing Programs (11)
  2. Digital Assets for Sale (8)
  3. Financial Solutions (1)
  4. Offer (1)
  5. Web Development & Internet Marketing (7)
The products that redirect to our affiliate partners are monetized through affiliate marketing initiatives.

Along with the domain and connected website as it is presently, there will be transfer of the following two affiliate accounts:
  1. Impact Radius (dashboard screenshots)
  2. ShareASale (dashboard screenshots)
Transfer of the following partner accounts:
  1. WP Engine Partner Member -includes for free hosting of one WordPress site priced 25$ per month and Pro Studio Press themes - (dashboard screenshots). After the sale, you are welcome to host the website for free here on WP Engine while promoting WP Engine through its partner link: https://wpengine.com/partnerspecialoffer/?w_agcid=RxxolXZ9.
  2. Termageddon Agency - with 2 free subscriptions - (dashboard screenshots). Terms, Privacy, Disclaimer, and Cookie Policy pages on the website DigitalSplendid.agency are powered by Termageddon.
Passive ways:
  1. AdSense: This site is AdSense approved. Apply for AdSense through your account.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Impact Radius and ShareASale affiliate accounts will be transferred. On further negotiation, I will transfer PartnerStack, Rakuten LinkShare, and Partnerize accounts as well.
Active ways:
  1. Start providing web development & internet marketing services.
  2. Seek paid guest posts opportunities.
  3. Explore newer products and include them on the website monetizing with their affiliate/referral programs.
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