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Jun 1, 2011
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Mexicos search traffic growing at a record pace never possible before..
Why and How to Invest in .Mx DomainsBy Luisa Fernanda Villa y Battenberg, Sedo LatinoamericaThe Market worldwide may be down, but for the careful investor there is a way off to safeguard investments despite the challenging environment. Customers can still continue to invest at a reasonable cost, for example investing in domains at a price of $35 dollars per year domain registration. Investing in either to park or to sell has several advantages. First of all, as of December 2008, based on statistics, the total of registered domains was of 278,402 domains which means there are still a lot of good domains available for registration. Secondly, Internet usage in Mexico has been rapidly increasing in the last few years; in 2000 the penetration rate was 2.7% and in May 2007, it was estimated in 21.6% which is approximately 23,700,000 people, and this number is expected to keep growing in the years to come. Thirdly, a study conducted by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) shows that investment in online advertisement in Mexico in 2006 was around 50 million dollars, which represents an enormous growth of 62% compared to 2005. In 2007 this figure went up to 96%, reaching the billion dollar mark, and this growing pace is not projected to decrease for the subsequent 5 years.

All these aspects should be enough to consider investing in domains with the Mexican ccTLD (country code Top-Level Domain), but there is still one more incentive. Oscar Robles, the CEO of, announced that “In an effort to continue with the development of the .mx ccTLD, we are working on several projects including the introduction of direct second-level domain name registration under .mx. We are working intensively on this project in order to release it during 2009.” The liberalization of a new TLD (Top-Level Domain) is always a good opportunity to acquire high quality domains, so be alert, because in the near future the Sunrise and Landrush policies of this re-opening will be announced.

Now that you know why it would be a good idea to invest in .mx domains, you can focus on how to smartly invest in this ccTLD in the second or third level-domain. There are two important things to consider if you want to park your domains. First, certain products are being highly advertised on the Internet in Mexico. Take into consideration that the increase in online publicity was notable in the following industries: beverage, beauty and hygiene, media, electro-domestics, telecommunications, consumer goods, transportation, and travel and tourism. Second, ask yourself, what are Mexicans searching for on the web? According to a study conducted by Pyramid Research in 2008, Mexico ranked first downloading digital content such as music or video and accessing web services such as bill pay, e-government, banking and auctions. It also showed large use of photo/video sharing communities, online forums and e-government services.

In addition to parking, consider selling your domains. In the secondary market the average sales price is around $3,000 dollars, which is a very good return on investment. In conclusion, besides writing your New Year’s resolution list, start writing the list of possible good domains to register and good luck with both lists!
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