busineess.com !!! pokkemon.com !!

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busineess is a very good typo
just type this in google and altavista and etc
pokkemon.com will have some traffic i think

i just registered these domain names

for the pokemon thing, I would guess about $25 for it. Not many kids are willing to spend big bucks to buy a domain like that.:D
If it was a real companies name misspelled maybe, the company I work for registered 15 misspelled domain names just to make sure they get all the customers they can.. rofl
typos of common/generic/descriptive terms like "business" are ok. There is no one entity that can claim they coined the term "business" or that they have proprietary rights or demonstrable secondary meaning in the term.

typos of trademarked/coined/fanciful/proprietary terms like "pokemon" are just blatant squatting and that means that any covetous party just has to reference that to remove any element of doubt from your legit registrations as they can use it to show a pattern of bad faith registrations.

If you regged a domain purely because of the goodwill of another single entity (i.e. Nintendo's pokemon) then its not good for you or the domain market as a whole.


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I really can't picture someone paying more than the registration price for a mispelled word unless it gets a ton of hits and you are using it as a pay-per-click site. That's just me though... there are probably people out there that disagree...




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i typed the keyword geocites in google and get less results then busineess :p

But i don't know if it will have traffic
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The thing is: you don't check other sites for typos by searching google.

You put some logic/common sense & past experience into it.:D

When I'm typing fast, I've gotten to that geocites page more than a few times.:D
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a google search does show the liklihood that the particular typo will be used in comparison to other typos of the same word/term.

But the typo needs to be a popular (percentage) typo of a popular (on spec type in term).

If thats the case, plugging it into some pay per click search program will net solid revenues - especially if its a typo of a high bid term (like finance/gambling).

As long as the annual ppc revenue exceeds annual reg cost & hosting costs, just rinse and repeat as many times as the income you'd like to achieve :)
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