offers Calcutta.Info For Sale - 2002 Reg - 74000 Exact searches in Google monthly!

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Nov 16, 2013
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Awesome aged .info registered in 2002 and the extension fits what's on the left of the dot perfectly.

Great investment for a travel related site to build on the 74,000 exact searches in Google Calcutta gets every month. In recent months it's been getting closer to 90,000 exacts a month in Google.

The domain is at godaddy and payment is fine by Escrow or paypal depending on the buyer.

Here are some .info sales in recent weeks: - $4499 - $1250 - $13402 - $4500

Not many recent comps for large city .info sales but here are a few related ones in recent months: - $1000 (not in the same league but a 4 figure sale nonetheless) - $1100 - $6675

Looking for serious offers for this gem by either the thread or PM.
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