Domain Name Industry Reality Check! Domain Valuations, Domain Sales & Parking. 20/20

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Sonny Banks

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Jul 18, 2008
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Could somoene sum it up for me into one sentence ? Too long to read...

The time I can spend to read this article...I've sold a domain.

Work work work.
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Jan 30, 2005
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Don't tell us that our domains are worth this or that.
There are no Good or Bad domains.
What's crap for one may be gold for someone else.
It is mostly the appraising industry that kills the domain selling industry.
None of the so-called scientific valuation systems is worth anything.
All the suppositions about length, generic, brandability, superiority of .com over other TLD's are paid fiction.

What's a tdnam, see it at
What's an msnbc? see it at
Ever heard about a business called two cows? Visit
Long domains = No good?
--> (GoDaddy ..)
Just a few examples.

In one forum people swear upon LL, LLL, and LLLL's.
In other forums they want brandable generic domains.
You can't have the two together.
Apart from that, most so-called domain sales are in fact website sales because of the web content and/or revenue.
The importance of back links etc. is overestimated.
The importance of traffic is overestimated.
The important of clicks is overestimated.

Any traffic, visit, click, that does not lead to a sale within the period that an affiliate link is valid, is absolutely waste of bandwidth.

Briefly, domain value estimation can't be scientific because it's based upon opinions.
Rest assured: The day some legal price regulation is introduced, it is over for all of us.

Imho people must choose for either a domain that they like (brand, description, logo, slogan, vanity) or a website with content that they like (product, service, hobby, profession, etc.).
Both together is very unusual.


I am sure some people here would appraise these domains, sold on Sedo, as crappy because of "not short" - "wrong TLD" - "not English" etc. etc. appraiser's BS,500 USD,000 USD,500 EUR ("download games" in Spanish)-4,200 EUR,250 USD,000 USD,000 EUR,000 EUR,000 EUR,500 EUR,300 EUR,850 EUR ("slot machines" in Spanish)-1,000 USD ("slots" in Spanish)- 1,000 USD 900 USD

The domain industry is not dead nor dying.
People should awake and have a full private server account instead of shared.
We don't need more resellers.
We need end users.
If they want our product, they will pay what we ask.
Not what some third party thinks they should pay.
Appraisals ares okay, IF appraisers mention in the first line that it is just an opinion AND IF they detail the whole analysis.

Imho, please stop talking about good and bad domains in general.
It's not good for our industry.
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