Campaign To Fight California Assembly Bill 178 (Is going to effect EVERYONE )

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Jan 24, 2004
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Not good for anyone doing any kind of business on the internet...I am afraid this kind of thing is going to spread like "wild fire" ...into all areas of the Internet marketing, PPC, any e-commerce websie etc... sales taxing every Internet (both state & Fed?) transaction(s) etc... and then some....

NOTE: LOST a court case over this same type bill in New York!


Campaign to Fight California Assembly Bill 178

The PMA is leading a grass-roots campaign to fight California Assembly Bill 178. California Bill 178 threatens to change the performance marketing playing field. If you are a publisher or agency whose business is in California, your livelihood is at risk.

California has a pending bill, copying a similar one in New York, unfairly categorizing publishers as sales presence for out-of-state advertisers. This means taxes will be levied on out-of-state advertisers, potentially causing them to shut down their publisher relationships in the state (it happened in New York).

As we learned from our colleagues in New York, the passage of this bill could have devastating effects on California performance marketers. And if it passes in California, it will set precedent for several states who already have similar bills in process. That could have a devastating effect on our industry.

With your help, we have a great chance to kill this bill: the PMA is launching a coordinated grass-roots campaign that targets California state legislators. We are developing an attack plan that includes sample letters, fact sheets, congressional contacts by zip code, and a “Visit Sacramento” day, to put faces in front of decision makers.

First step: The PMA is extremely fortunate to have the support and experience of Beth Kirsch, a well known industry leader who was formerly a federal lobbyist. She is leading our effort, but we need your help. We are looking for California performance marketers to get involved. The most seriously impacted are California publishers and OPMs.

We don’t have much time - we have until March 31st to make an impact. We urge all performance marketers – even if you are not based in California - to join our grass-roots effort to fight this bill.
How you can help

We need broad support from affiliate marketers in California - our strength is in our numbers. There are several easy things you can do:

* Sign our group letter – We want over 200 businesses to sign this letter. It’s important we gather as many names as possible. We have made it easy. You just need to complete the short signature form.
* Write a letter to your State Assembly Member - this really does make a difference. Here’s a sample letter - make sure to personalize it!.

* Join our lobby day in Sacramento on March 31. We need to put a human face to this story and the best way to do that is to meet with your Assembly members face-to-face. Brook Schaaf and Karen Garcia are organizing this. Send an email to to join our lobby day.

Our strength is in our numbers. Please help join the fight!
More information on AB178:

Read the entire bill (Number AB 178)


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