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fixed price Chip LLL.net/LLLL.com & more: QWY.net - PPRT.com - 82847.com - 4034.com ...

Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Aug 13, 2002
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Believe it or not, we've stopped selling our chip domains in general while we're constantly acquiring new ones because we consider them as a long term investment where selling today means only losing the chance to sell at an higher price tomorrow :)

Now we're a special reason for selling because (as it's often happening lately) we've a new great investment opportunity on the talbe (an attractive portfolio sold much under its real market value due to need of liquidity for the seller).

Well, this's your chance to close some good deals but note that our prices are firm (a small discount might be possible on bulk deals only but we're talking of a mere 10% reduction considering our margin is already limited on most of these names).

Chip 3L/4L, 4/5/6N.com and more ...

Payment by PayPal (or Sedo) for deals or $900 or less;
Payment by Sedo for deals of $900/6,000$
Payment by Escrow for deals of $6,000/+
All fees are always on us

*4N.com (Unique prices):
4034.com $18,000 (Reg'd since 2003)

*5N.com (Great and rare patterns, most w/double 8)
15040.com (Reg'd since 2010) $900
80850.com (Reg'd since 2012) $2,300
82847.com $2,300
88541.com (Reg'd since 2003) $2,488

*6N.com (Premium patterns with 8 or/and repeated numbers):
363953.com $300
310831.com $100
318082.com $100
320832.com $100
378089.com $100
380587.com $100
380785.com $100
380786.com $100
381080.com $100
858808.com (Reg'd since 2012 - Quad 8) just $950

*7N.com (Rare premium pattern w/sets of repeated numbers):
3355513.com $100 (Quad 3 + Triple consecutive 5)
*Chip 3L.net:
QWY.net (Reg'd since 2000) $3,500
ZRY.net (Reg'd since 2002) $3,500

*Chip 4L.com (Great patterns):
BGJG.com (Reg'd since 2003) $2,700 (Double G)
NSFP.com (Reg'd since 2003) $2,500
PKWN.com (Reg'd since 2006) $2,600
TDLN.com (Reg'd since 2004) $2,600
PPRT.com (Reg'd since 2001) $3,900 (Starting in "PP")

*CVCV.com (Premium patterns):
PEBE.com (Reg0d since 2003) $8,000
WAHE.com (Reg'd since 2002) $8,000

All names are reg'd with GoDaddy, quick push.
Post Sold here, PM or email to: domainsales @ domainempire.com

Ask for our updated domain catalog, it's free !

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