offers Great liquid names for few $$: - ...

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.
Aug 13, 2002
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All reg'd at GoDaddy or NameBright, free push or transfer.
Make offers by PM/email on the one/s of your interest.
PPal fees are always on us if your offer will be accepted.
All our names expire from Oct 2016 to March 2017, no renewal issues.
"Brokers welcome"

*Chip 5L of high quality (2 repeated pairs or starting in WW)

*Rare pattern:

*Chip/Rare 7N (often w/triple 8 + a second triplet of a diff. repeated number):

*Great collection of quality (no 4, all with '8' or a double repeated pair of identical numbers). Accepting individual offers - Bulk deals are available too.
All reg'd at GoDaddy until October 2016

*We've an huge portfolio of 1090 rare 7N all starting in "777" (no 0/4, high quality). Looking for a quick deal. PM to get the full list at no obligation: - - ...
All reg'd at GoDaddy until mid October 2016 - Wholesale price available

*Huge portfolio of 607 valuable all having the "888" combo in the middle (no 0/4, very high quality). Ask for the whole list at no obligation, looking for a quick deal: - ...
Reg'd at GoDaddy until mid October 2016 - Wholesale price available.
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