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Aug 24, 2004
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This has been my baby and it will turn 10 next year. Because of the advent of children and new employment, I am simply running out of time to properly run the place and serve our members in the right manner. I feel like it needs to be in the hands of someone who has the time to devote to make it bigger and better.

9.5 years old
Asking Price: $2000
Domain: http://www.christianityboard.com
Domain Registrar: Namecheap
Domain Expiry: 2/13/2020
Domain Age: 9.5 years
Revenue: ~$30-50/month (consistently, some months higher)
Traffic: ~8,000 - ~9,000 uniques / month per typical 30-day GA period
Users: 6,900+ (estimated couple hundred in varying levels of activity)
Payment Method: Paypal/other with discussion
Transfer Process: X'fer Domain, IPB License, move hosting or keep?
Backend: Invision Power Board

It generally pulls in about $30-$50 in revenue with the occasional bit more from time to time. According to Analytics, we're averaging around 8-9k uniques a month, which is down slightly from the older days with around 10k+. I will be happy to provide any screenshots or further details to back it up. I am not here to hide anything.

Other than that, it comes with the old 50-person Google account which I use for email.

It needs some TLC, but I will just do whatever we need to do to get the IPB license in your hands. I think someone who could devote the necessary time and effort could increase the monetization of the site without alienating members and maybe work on building better links. We've fallen off a bit due to my limited SEO knowledge, but we're still a front page listing, but not that #3/#4 ranking on the majors (ie: "Christian forum") we used to be.

I would be interested in staying on as a Moderator or just member to provide my approval and any help that I can do in the transition.

Please shoot me a PM or reply here if you have any questions.



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