Offers Wanted DC.AM - Great Portal About to be developed for Washington DC AMerica

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Oct 29, 2017
London, England

2 Letter Amazing, Easy to remember Domain which is planned to be developed for Washington DC, AMerica (DC.AM)

Check out the possibilities from our initial sketch below

Offers Welcome now - (before we develop this further if no offers meet our criteria). The site is planned to be launched before 14Feb if no price point is agreed. Ofcourse after the development / launch the price point will be several multiple times higher than what you can buy it for now. So take this opportunity and buy it before its sold to someone else!

If offer is close to our expectation then then new investor/developer can take this amazing 2 Letter Domain to new heights for best revenues including localized affiliate income from financial and location based products/services

All offers via messaging here or to the following email. Final price agreed with be via for a safe domain transfer
email contact.png
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