closed did i just get a good domain name???

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Mar 22, 2002
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is worth anything??

These ones are all taken,,,,,,,

So, how much should I be able to get for

David G

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Apr 15, 2002
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Did you spell it right? ??

Best Software is a moderately popular term with these results from the Overture Link found at

Searches done in April 2002, Count Search Term, 3491 best software

The problem here is the fact it is a dot-org. Though I am a strong believer in dot-org and rank it 3rd (with .com and .us #1 & #2), the main issue is the fact an org gets few type-in's vs a dot-com.

However, Dot Org is better than the com in some ways, such as trust and its non-commercialized connotations.

The only good way to realize its value would be as a developed website since it's an org. Even a small partially developed site would help a lot. It could be worth good money along with a running software sale website. As a domain name only it may only be worth $100 or so.
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