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info For Newbies Only #2

An informative domain name related thread.


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Apr 13, 2004
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Just want to share mistakes that Newbies normally make from my experience - Do not attack. Remember this one is for Newbies Only.

English is not the native language for many new members here so choosing a name to buy/register may become a problem. Here are some tips on how to choose and sell a name:

1. Forget about appraisal. They mean nothing because the price is set when there is an agreement between buyer/seller. Do not beg for appraisal. It does more harm than help if the reply is zero or register fees. Especially the appraisal came from a newbie with no experience or feedback. You may have a hard time to sell the name if you have bad appraisal because the information is indexed by the search engines.
2. Watch out for the order of 2 or 3 words. Many times they sound good to you but it does not mean anything. Ex: BlueJean is good but JeanBlue is not.
3. Ask yourself what can you do with the name and who will be the customers? Ex: SellingCellphones has a bigger market than SellingBooks or SellingBatteries.
4. Pick the right Registrar for the name so you will have an easy time when it come to selling the name. Cheap is not always mean good. Pick the popular ones. It's not a problem if you have to pay a dollar more or two.
5. Always make sure your "whois" information is correct so the potential buyers can contact you directly.
6. List the name at all venues: Sedo, Afternic, Godaddy, DAN, etc... You can should only "buy it now" at one place and not multiple places.
7. Do not accept the first offer when you received one. Normally if you accepted the first offer, the buyer may think that the offer is overprices and walk away with cold feet. Always make a counter offer with a message:"I already received higher offer. Send me your best offer and I will consider" So if your counter offer is too high to them. They still think they have a chance.
8. Dealing with end users is not the same as dealing with members here. It will take time: days or even weeks. So don't rush them and make them upset. Just wait.
9. Stay away from buying names from auctions until you have experiences.
10. You can still get good names from hand registered or from expired names. There are some sites that will list names that will drop or dropped and available to register again.

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