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directi changes .info acution scheme

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May 7, 2002
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The bidding deadline has now been extended until 2 weeks after Afilias
announces the Successful domain results. Below is the timeline schedule
for our bidding and domain allocation process

July 1st:
We will have submitted all names through all our queues (6 already and
counting) by this date. These names will temporarily be in the name of
Directi. After the bidding is over the names will be transferred to the
highest bidder.

July 8th:
Some of the Registrars we use do not have a provision to import these
names into their DB and allow us to change contact info of the successful
registrations. We will be developing the programs to do this by this date

July 9th:
Afilias will announce their results sometime around this date

July 10th:
We will retain all successful registrations in our bidding queue and
remove all the other names. Therefore the bidding will continue ONLY on
successfully registered names from this point on.

July 22nd:
We will close the bids and send out mails to the highest bidders to send
in their payments for their domains

July 28th:
All domains for which payments are recvd will be transferred to the
appropriate bidders. For those domains that payments have not been recvd
from the highest bidder, we will contact the next highest bidder


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