Domain hacks with new .ar domains


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Jul 28, 2005
A domain hack is an eye-catching domain name that combines domain levels, especially the top-level domain (TLD), to spell out the full "name" or title of the domain, making a kind of pun.

A domain hack has nothing to do with hacking a domain or website. The "hack" represents a trick (as in programming), not an exploit or break-in (as in security).

Domains such .as .it, .me ,.to, .is and .us are easy to use as domain hacks as they correspond to short, simple dictionary words. Sometimes a name is chosen so that the last few characters match an existing top-level domain, such as "", so that every character is used in forming the common name.

We show here one examples from the German language:

The Swiss ch-domain is combined with a word, that a new notion is created: the book.

You can select many Top Level domains for a domain hack.

The favorite domains are:


The Serbian domain .rs fits also, as many English words have "rs" at the end.

The general availability of the ar-Domains starts on September 15th. This is an opportunity to secure nice ar-Domains for "domain hacks".


Further English terms that end in -ar can be found in the following lists:

List 1

List 2

List 3

List 4

Spanish verbs end in -ir, -er or -ar. This results in a wide field for domain hacks -
especially for Argentinians.

Hans-Peter Oswald