Lucky Numbers at Domains


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Jul 28, 2005
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Numbers are possible for almost all domain endings. With most domain endings, it is possible to register domains, which consist only of numbers.

Especially Chinese domainers and domain fans rave about numbers. The number 8 is the favorite of the Chinese. It looks like infinity and promises infinite luck. The domain has certainly brought luck to the owner - for example in the form of financial offers.

The fact that numbers have a meaning is also anchored in Western thinking. The Kabbalah, the mystical current of Judaism, deals intensively with numbers.

But there are also quite modern variants on the Internet:

  • 2 means to
  • 4 stands for for

Especially in domain names, the numbers 2 and 4 are often used in this sense.

You want to own a website about apple pies. You know that .com is a good choice for a domain name. But you are disappointed, as is taken.

We have one tip for you: You can register You have good chances to be listed with your domain name under the search term "applepie" at Google and other search engines.

Even in your country there are domainers and domain fans who speculate with domains made of numbers or simply register them because they enjoy them.

Do you also have a favorite number that you want to use for a website? Send your idea to me.

I will find a domain extension by personal consulting for number fans at which the preferred number is still available.

Hans-Peter Oswald
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