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DotSauce Domain Club - Quality .COM domains heavily discounted PLUS tools / resources

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Apr 21, 2007
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DotSauce Magazine: Introducing the DotSauce Domain Club!

I am proud to introduce the latest expansion of DotSauce Magazine, the DotSauce Domain Club. New members only areas of the site will feature access to unprecedented discounts on high quality .Com domain names and other valuable resources related to domaining and website development.

The Domain Club offers an exciting and unique business opportunity for domain resellers and investors of all experience levels. Keep reading to find out why.

Veteran domainers will be able to add great domain names to their portfolio and save valuable time. It takes a lot of commitment to research expired domains and aftermarket deals every day. Trust DotSauce to deliver top quality domain names for a steal of a deal, just $19 per quality .Com! Domains are sold on a first come, first serve basis and fresh .com domain names will be added to the inventory regularly.

Membership Plans

There are plans for all levels of domainers, including free membership. Premium plans start at just $14/m for access to purchase up to 4 discounted domain names each month.

The Domain Club Pro Membership ($20/m) allows you to purchase up to 8 discounted domains, view exclusive lists of available domain names and access exclusive domain tools and resources. The Business Membership ($49/m) offers 20 discounted domains and the full suite of Domain Club features.

Newcomers to the domain game will find the DotSauce Domain Club provides everything you need to get started profiting from domain names. The hard work is done for you! You simply need to market our high-quality domain names to your network and other potential customers to start earning.

Select your favorite brands, keyword and product domains from our diverse inventory. There are dozens of great domains representing the latest trends in technology, web development, business and much more. Each domain features search and PPC data as well as an automated appraised value.

For a detailed look at exclusive membership features and pricing visit our signup page.

Attractive Affiliate Program

Domain Club membership enables you to earn a considerable profit reselling domains. You can also earn added revenue by participating in our membership affiliate program. Earn a 50% commission for every person you refer to join the DotSauce Domain Club and a bonus 5% commission on any domain names purchased. You could earn up to $24 per referral.

Real Added Value

The Domain Club features a private members forum that includes lots of added value. A collection of the most popular articles published on DotSauce since early 2007 will start you off on the right foot. Private discussion areas are setup for website development, design, SEO, and marketing questions.

Domain Club members are offered free personal consultations each month based on their membership levels. Simply schedule a convenient time to talk with me personally over the phone or IM about domain sales, website development, blogging or whatever your domaining concerns may be.

Pro and Business Members have exclusive access to additional domain tools and resources. They will also have exclusive access to handpicked expired domain lists. These lists contain quality two-word .com domain names available to register on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members will be able to subscribe to be alerted of new available domain lists.

Join the DotSauce Domain Club Today!

Whether you are looking to get started selling domains or add some gems to your current portfolio on the cheap, DotSauce Domain Club membership is a great opportunity to profit. Our high quality domains will command attention, interest and higher valuations. The domains practically sell themselves!

At just $19 each, you’ll find the first time you resell one of our domains your monthly membership fee will be covered and then some. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the many Domain Club features and sign up today.
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